On the subject of losing motivation

Well, it's been one and a half months so far and I have not made much if any progress. My sessions are still without much result. But I will not elaborate much on this; there are a number of other journals I have posted about the situation already.

I'm finding myself losing motivation to continue. At first I started this daily. Then I went every other than, and now the frequency of my sessions are getting lesser in time. I suppose I may be losing hope as time goes on.

I am a little relieved whenever I read the forums, seeing how there are others who have experienced this sort of difficulty when they started out. However, I still have to tread carefully. The forums and blogs create the illusion that I am part of the minority here, a very small one at that. And the more I read about the more rapid success of others, the more I feel inferior or somehow cheated.

Thankfully when it comes to the actual sessions, I tend to be in greater control of my doubts and other thoughts, though this doesn't seem to help much at all in terms of my aneros progress. I suppose I still have a ways to go before it can be considered truly hopeless for me, so I will continue as long as I can.

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  1. If you read Livinglarge's blog he refers to it as "the elusive super-o", so maybe that is the norm. After all, I have often read that many women never experience orgasm in their sex lifetime.

    I have been at it about the same length of time as you and have not experienced anything other than some pleasant local feelings from pressure on the prostate. However, I have found that the early signs of prostate problems no longer exist, most notably that of sometimes losing the ability to control my bladder when full, also waking up at night needing to pee, so maybe there are secondary benefits to carrying on trying.

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