Wonderful unexpected euphoric session (Ain't life grand!)

Well I use my aneros tools every other day or every third day religiously. Over the past few months after attaining the ability to reach super-o level I have had some pretty amazing sessions. Some that leaves me breathless, some that leave my body numb and some that place me in other states of mind. Nothing though prepared me for last night’s session. I was in such a bad mood as my life lately has put me under a lot of stress. I have always been pretty good at dealing with life’s issues but today I was struggling. Even though I didn't really feel like I was ready for this session I forced myself to follow through. I prepped and lubed and shut myself in my office which is upstairs in my home. I started with my Eupho which has been giving me some real good rides lately. Well what happened next I can't explain. This really wasn't different than any other night but upon insertion my prostate immediately went into intense spasms. The Eupho was dragged deep inside and within 30 seconds I was riding my first O. This had never happened before. I usually relax and after about 15 or 20 minutes the pleasure builds but not tonight! Within 5 minutes I was completely detached from my body and just absorbed within this energy field. I could feel the Eupho doing its thing but I was elsewhere. My lower body was shaking as the Eupho stroked my prostate. The pleasure was incredible. Emotions rose to the surface but just random things from me distant past. But why would thoughts about my former girlfriends dad float through my mind. That was when I was 18 and I am 54 now. Intense, intense, intense!!! At 1 point I was so far out of body it was like I was looking down at myself. I have experienced this through meditation…this place of calm energy but at the same time my body was absorbed in this state of pure pleasure. This state went on for almost 1 hour. I truly didn't want this to stop but my body was just exhausted. This session was just beautiful, wonderful, and left me peaceful and relaxed. All the worries of the day seemed small afterward. I used the Helix and the Progasm also but that first hour sent me into orbit. I have never experienced such a quick launch into super-o land and I can't say why tonight was so different. I am sure todays inner peace is left over effects from last evening.


  1. That's wonderful stuff; thanks for sharing. It's interesting how mood has an effect both before and after a session. I really enjoy that inner peace… I've got mine today as well.


  2. Well LL! Gotta love that Eupho, eh!

    The variations and range of mind/body/consciousness links in all of this rewiring neuroplasticity work is as astounding as any of its other dimensions. I too find these sessions or day-after effects to be great stress relievers or diverters and elevators to a wide range of levels of being. Your descriptions are wonderful.

    all the best with the help of a variety of little sculpted plastic keys


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