Another morning session…

I’ve experienced some intestinal cramping in just about every session I’ve done so far so today I changed up a couple things. One, I skipped the anal douche, and two; I used Surgilube instead of Maximus lube. And guess what… cramping appears to be thing of the past! All I need to do now is narrow it down to either the douche or the Maximus. I suspect the douche is what’s causing the cramping…we shall soon see.

Another thing I changed up is how I approach my sessions. I feel I’ve been somewhat “short circuiting” my sessions by thinking too much about the path to the super-O. So from now on I’m going to attempt to put the super-O (or any other O) out of my mind and just enjoy the journey for what it is. If one day the super-O does show up on my doorstep that’ll be terrific, if not, that’s just fine too.

Just like the last session, today’s session generated very few involuntaries, but with the super-O thoughts banished from my mind I was able to concentrate more fully on the subtle movements of my Aneros. Every breath, every contraction, every movement, no matter how slight, produced the most exquisite feelings in my anus and prostate. It’s now been several hours since this morning’s session and I’m still floating on cloud nine.

I continue to be totally amazed how a little piece of plastic can generate such nice feelings. The Aneros has truly changed my life for the better.