A quick update (finally)

It was only a couple of weeks after my super-O’s went on vacation that they returned to the roost. Biggest help was to make sure I was at least somewhat aroused before I started the session. Next biggest help was to cut back on Aneros usage to around once per week.

Had a great session Saturday morning, no matter what position I tried (on back with knees up, on my left side, on my right side, down on all fours with my butt in the air) awesome sensations in each and every position. Finished off the session with a remarkable super-T… then spent the rest of the day floating around on cloud nine.


Super-O’s, vanished like a fart in a windstorm

Here I was goin’ along fat, dumb and happy, super-O’s almost every session, was beginning to think I had this Aneros stuff down pat. All I had to do is insert my eupho, breathe deeply and relax for around 15-minutes, start a small contraction and I was in pleasure city. Then IT happened, the last 4 or 5 sessions….NOTHING! Sure, the Aneros felt nice and I got a few involuntaries, but what the hell happened to my prostate? Did it go on a walkabout? Or go on strike? Move to a more upscale neighborhood, something with a view perhaps?

When I first started on this journey I managed to find the Aneros superhighway almost immediately. Now it seems as though I’ve somehow taken the wrong off ramp and am wandering around lost in the desert somewhere. Hopefully I’ll soon find my way back to that superhighway….


Recharge time

Recharge time = time between sessions for this 66 year-old Aneros freak.

I’ve been attempting to determine my ideal recharge time, here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

Two days: Definitely not enough time for me, I’ll get some nice feelings, but no super-O’s.

Five (or more) days: Now this is more like it, I can actually feel the Eupho gently massaging my prostate as I breathe, or when I subtly thrust and / or rotate my pelvis, or gently flex my PC muscles. Feelings of incredible pleasure deep within my body… super-O’s on call!

So to all you other Aneros freaks out there, if you’re not getting much out of your Aneros sessions try increasing the time between your sessions… may be just what the mistress ordered.

As always, your mileage may vary.


Update Tuesday, 6-2-09: Had an awesome session with my eupho this morning, one of those sessions in which the tiniest of PC contractions or the tiniest hip movement produced a huge amount of pleasure in my anus / rectum / prostate. And only FOUR days since the last session!

Thank you mistress Aneros!


Mistress Aneros gets her way…again!

I been on the Aneros super-highway for four short months and this morning was my best ever session. (Or should that be best session ever)? Minute after minute after minute of orgasmic pleasure. Muscle tensing, toe curling, fist clenching, hip thrusting, breath holding, panting, moaning, writhing, pleasure. When I tried to let go of my mild PC contraction mistress Aneros wouldn’t let me, she forced me to keep going… again and again she had her way with me. What finally brought my session to an end was the Staples delivery guy knocking on the door. Didn’t know if I should thank him of cuss him…. I did neither.

This session really surprised me as I didn’t expect much too happen because of a really crappy, non-sexual feeling, low esteem week. In the end I guess a week without the Aneros was what the mistress ordered, within moments of insertion small spasms of involuntaries started.

You know, I’ve really taken a liking to “roughing up” my Eupho. By “roughing up” I mean I rub the Eupho with a chunk of paraffin before I lube it up. The paraffin creates a slightly textured surface on the Eupho, makes it super easy to feel its subtle movements. And I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think the paraffin texture gives the sphincter a place to “grab onto” to better guide the Eupho’s movements. What works really well for me is to hold a gentle PC contraction, then either thrust or rotate my hips in order to rub the Eupho gently across my prostate. Mmmmmm… delicious! And one more thing, this Probe lube…it is the cats meow, no doubt about it.

Quick update

Had a terrific session with my Eupho last night…. Actually, now that I think about it, it was the other way around; the Eupho had its way with me. Boy, did it have its way with me!

Started out on my back, had quite a few O’s that were mainly triggered by nipple play. (Man, I love to caress my nipples, it feels sooooooo damn good)! I then rolled over on my left side, left leg nearly straight and right leg pulled up and then IT happened. Wave after wave of incredible pleasure as the Eupho fucked my ass, each time harder and deeper than the last. This probably could have gone on all night, but after about 30 minutes my perineum could no longer take the assault the Eupho’s P-tab was giving it.

The Aneros… best thing since sliced bread! Best thing since rolled toilet paper! Best thing ever!


Doin’ it on the floor

Yes, Mistress Aneros continues to bring out the best in me, our most recent session was most enjoyable….in spite of the fact that we “did it” right there on the workshop floor. I’m gonna’ have to get one of those nice thick camping pads; a couple of blankets on the concrete floor are not very comfy. (And I got the bruises to prove it)! The big plus about the workshop is that it’s a really private place, I have no worries whatsoever about anyone “catching us in the act.”

The opening chapter of my most recent session began with the Eupho. I started off on my back, knees up, legs spread open a little, and feet flat on the floor. I inserted the well lubed Eupho and began my relaxation / deep breathing routine. During this time I like to ratchet-up my sexual energy level by fantasizing just how pleasurable that first PC contraction (and subsequent contractions) is going to feel. Maybe this is one of those classic left brain / right brain scenarios… on the one hand I want to immediately start some gentle PC contractions and go for the instant gratification, but on the other hand I know that the longer I can put off starting the contractions the better they are going to feel when I do start them. What a dilemma!

10-hours later…still smiling

It’s been about three weeks since my last entry, here’s a brief rundown on what’s been going on for me in Aneros-land.

Now that the newness has worn off I’ve scaled back a little on usage. I started out “seeing” Mistress Aneros pretty much every day, now I’ve reduced that to a more reasonable two to three times per week.

Every once in a while I have a dud session, a session in which my Aneros offers up very little movement or pleasurable feelings. At first I wrote this off as being “just one of those days,” but after reading through a recent thread titled “Unrefined shea butter, how much?” I came to realize inadequate lubrication was my problem. What I hadn’t been doing was purposely lubing the area between my outer and inner sphincter. (What ya’ gotta do is stick your well lubed finger “up there” a few times to make sure the ol’ sphincter is good and slick). This made a tremendous difference, now my Eupho feels as light as a feather, just the tiniest of contractions produces exquisite pleasure…

Had a very nice session this morning, spent about half of it (one-hour) just groovin’ on the subtle and delicious feelings the Aneros gave me while I was doing some slow (really slow) contractions. I’d start from a totally relaxed state and very slowly do a PC contraction. When the PC contraction got to the point where it was about maxed out I found that if I held it at that point an anal contraction would involuntarily take over and pull the Aneros rest of the way in. That felt sooooo awesome!

Update (past 5 days)

Thursday 2/26/2009… Day off
Friday 2/27/2009… One hour morning Eupho session with super-O’s
Saturday 2/28/2009… One hour morning Eupho session with super-O’s
Saturday 2/28/2009… One hour afternoon Eupho and Progasm session, super-O’s with both Aneros’
Saturday 2/28/2009… Aneros-less evening session with S.O.
Sunday 3/1/2009… Day off
Monday 3/2/2009… 45-minute morning Eupho session with super-O

Man, the Eupho is just plain awesome! A 50 to 60% contraction puts it dead center on my prostate’s hot spot creating indescribable pleasure. I can’t seem to get enough. Anyone know if there’s an Aneros Anonymous?


Aneros arsenal

In the short time I’ve been here (a couple of months) I’ve have managed to acquire four different Aneros models. First was the helix. It’s first few sessions didn’t do much, so I went bigger, way bigger, all the way to the progasm. Well, the progasm didn’t work out very well at all… for me it was much too large, too uncomfortable, it just seemed to sit there and not do much. Back to the helix it was.

Then a couple of weeks later I ordered the MGX. I really liked its shape and length, it hit the prostate quite nicely, but the ribbed stem chafed the ol’ hole and seemed to limit its mobility.

So, it was back to the tried and true helix. Once I got several more sessions under my belt it started to work quite well for me…I went on to have my first super-o with this model.

And lastly in my Aneros arsenal is the eupho. I test rode (I’m a motorcycle guy) the eupho for the first time this morning. First thing I noticed is that it was super mobile and with just the right contraction it hit my prostate’s “on” button dead center. Once I found and held that perfect contraction it was off to super-O city! And the funny thing is, once the eupho was working its magic it didn’t feel like it was moving much at all.

I can’t stop smiling!


I’m a dumbass…I had a super-O and didn’t even realize it! I guess I was expecting something else and didn’t realize what I had experienced and attempted to describe in my previous post was a super-O.

Two things made me finally realize what I had experienced was a super-O. One, a post by Buster that I ran across while browsing the forums in which he described the exact same scenario (not realizing he was experiencing super-O’s because he was “looking” for something else). And two, I visualized what a video of my experience would look like compared to many of the female orgasm videos I’ve seen. My imaginary video would have shown me lying back in my recliner moaning, panting, trembling, twitching, jerking, thrusting and writhing in ecstasy, all for a good thirty minutes. That tops 98% of the female orgasm videos I’ve seen.

I feel soooo damn good now!