Quick update

Had a terrific session with my Eupho last night…. Actually, now that I think about it, it was the other way around; the Eupho had its way with me. Boy, did it have its way with me!

Started out on my back, had quite a few O’s that were mainly triggered by nipple play. (Man, I love to caress my nipples, it feels sooooooo damn good)! I then rolled over on my left side, left leg nearly straight and right leg pulled up and then IT happened. Wave after wave of incredible pleasure as the Eupho fucked my ass, each time harder and deeper than the last. This probably could have gone on all night, but after about 30 minutes my perineum could no longer take the assault the Eupho’s P-tab was giving it.

The Aneros… best thing since sliced bread! Best thing since rolled toilet paper! Best thing ever!



  1. Just awesome. Eupho has become my favorite but I wouldn't want to get rid of any of my "toys".

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