A Small Series of Sessions

I'm still alive, and I have used my aneros on a handful of occasions since my last entry. I had wanted to keep this blog up to date after every session but life has been so hectic that it's not been possible. Anyway:

After my first session, for the following couple of weeks I had been experiencing pretty intense prostate sensations while driving. I do quite a bit of driving as part of my job, around 200 miles a day sometimes. The vibrations from the car on the road were causing my prostate to feel 'hard' in the same sort of way as I mentioned in my last entry, except the feelings were much stronger. They would happen fairly regularly with around 15-20 minutes between each burst. The feeling is nice, but is quite a distraction when you're supposed to be concentrating on something else!

The following sessions I had put in were all quite short unfortunately, I simply didn't have enough time to make much of them. And on a couple of occasions I actually fell asleep through a combination of being so tired from working and being so relaxed from the session. I have questions that I took away from what I experienced though:

The first is one that I carry over from the last blog entry, which is that when I insert the aneros it really doesn't feel like it's pushing against my prostate at all, it's almost like it's not there. Can anyone confirm that this is normal? I had been expecting its presence to be a lot more noticeable.

The second is a query surrounding irritation to the skin around the sphincter. I have found that after about an hour it seems to get uncomfortable, even though I use a fair amount of lube. It seems to be because of the comparativly rigid part of the aneros between the handle/p-tab and the stem. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you get around it?

That's all for now, I really hope I get to put some more sessions in soon. I'll try to keep this blog better updated in future too.


  1. Hello LongStreak, 🙂

    In my experience, the smaller models don't push all the much into the prostrate unless you are flexing your PC muscles to push the prostrate into it. But what you are experiencing could also be that you are still beginning your Aneros journey and have not acclimated yourself to prostrate sensations. If you get to the point where your progress seems to stop. I'd suggest buying the Progasm. That really pushes up against the prostrate very nicely on it's own. It's my favorite out of the MGX, Helix, and Peridise. Very pleasurable!

    The skin irritation your getting could be a reaction to the type of lube you are using. Try using a lube that is different in it's composition than what you are using now. I happen to really like 100% unrefined shea butter. But everyone is different. Just do a search for lube in the forum here. You'll get a whole bunch of different recommendations.

    The only other thing I can think of is maybe your Helix is not inserted fully, or correctly? It's harder to do with the smaller models, but not impossible, particularly if you are not relaxed enough and are pushing at the wrong angle. I've done it a few times when I first started using my Progasm. I'm sort of poking around in the dark as I've never run into this problem of skin irritation. Perhaps someone else here will have another idea.


  2. "irritation to the skin around the sphincter" I also get this. It just goes away after a period of time. No harm done. At first I found the p tab uncomfortable, now it adds to the experience. The p-tab is a source of great pleasure once things get going. LL

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