Moving on down the road

After scrapping my two previous blog journal attempts, I think I’ll settle on this one. Here I am, closing in on my 10th month of Aneros use. Pressing on regardless, I seem to have crept up on to another plateau – so here it is…

It’s all about the p-waves! Didn’t know I was having them, but now it’s what I seek. Finally, after months of sessions, I am getting back to the point of being able to produce pleasurable anerosless moments utilizing simple small scale contractions and light Male Deer massages. I can have a session during the day with my favorite model de jour, and then again at night – all with p-waves rolling up and down my nether parts.

Putting the wraps on fish oil: It may or may not help – It’s just pretty expensive to keep up, and I have too many ramp up/ramp down periods with vacations and such. In the long run, I just don’t see myself quaffing down 10 fish oil pills a day for the rest of my life. In addition to the fish oil, I gave up cigars and drinking during that time. While I may have had an increase in spontaneous p-wave generation outside of sessions, I couldn’t see continuing to spend the money when I have a series of vacations coming up that will most likely bump me off the path.

So it’s KSMO time, baby! Yeah, I sold out again – the $70 is about 8 weeks worth of fish oil or one new Aneros model that may or may not come out this year. Utilizing the KSMO protocol fits almost any schedule. I’ve only had one KSMO session at the time of the this entry.

I have had only two new sensations since Christmas – P-waves and a sort of cycling up and down of my Peter, which I think might be a sort of pre-cursor to dry-o’s.

I get an occasional large muscle twitch but nothing close to shaking or quaking. I’m still waiting for that spontaneous wave of pleasure …