Swirling Vortex of Pleasure

A long delayed update: since my first super-o in January, I had another one in March. This one went a little better since I had no fear going in. I had a third super-o last weekend.

The fact that I've had three super-os in the last four months might say something. You have to be in the right physical and mental state to get them. For me it happens about once a month, giving new meaning to the phrase "that time of month." I think I'd even classify getting into them as forming a state of self-hypnosis within yourself. It's certainly a lot more mental than physical. Most of the sessions last two hours at the most, generally an hour or less.

The one from last weekend was interesting. I was about an hour into having some fabulous mini-os and long lasting p-waves. Things were getting to a state where I was super horny and could guide the MGX so it sat in THE right spot. I was in a super relaxed state and started picturing my midsection as an abstract mass of churning, swirling matter slowing spinning around – like some kind of super erotic galaxy. Soon enough, I was over the edge and into a different kind of super-o. It felt really good, and in a strangely different way than I'd normally associate with the sexual. A swirling vortex of pleasure, if you will!

On another note, my rewiring has developed to the point where I can generate wonderful p-waves just be rubbing my "sweet spot" on the area above and to the right of my penis. I find myself unconsiously doing this all the time (not in public, thank goodness). Last night, I was having p-wave after p-wave while sitting on the couch watching TV – for about three hours! My partner never knew. 🙂 This was the prelude to a great hourlong MGX session that included mini-os and dry-os.

This month will mark a year since I started with this baby — unbelievable!


  1. Congratulations matt1008! 🙂

    And a fantastic blog post! I hope to be super-Oing sometime soon.
    I agree, finding pleasure in the sessions is really a head game.


  2. Hmmm, January – March – May. And Matt's note of "that time of month." That rang a loud bell. (I'm trying to "outgrow" my controlling and competitive side and am grasping at straws on my "journey" up the mountain.) Aneros might put an asterisk on their ads… "A-types" need not apply.)

    I'm new to all of this but, particularly for newbie's like me, the results seem pretty variable and the pattern is more like a shotgun than a rifle. Perhaps chance, but as Matt conjectures, the best opportunities might prove to be cyclic. And, it might be best to take aim at future dates that offer the most.

    Personal note: After I got married, my most satisfying sessions were pretty well locked into my wife's periods. But, every few months, I'd be pulled off by a couple of days one way of the other. In the '70s we joked that was my bio-rhythm tugging at hers.

    Anyone ever look at running a correlation between the 'lost art' of bio-rhythm and the intervals between great O's and lame sessions ?

    OTOH… snake oil! Perhaps it would be better to hire an Astrologer to tell you when to polish up the Helix and break out the ID Glide.

    I'd caution anyone against publishing their original date of birth. Maybe download bio-rhythm software (the last I saw was for the Amiga and the Apple II). Then, take a look at where the best O's fell.


    new w/Helix

  3. Hello newbie2009, 🙂
    I'm definitely not an A-type personality and I'm still grinding away on my Aneros journey. I think what is of more importance is the controlling aspect of a personality, which you and I both have and are trying to overcome.

    As far as cycles and that time of month…
    Matt1008 and you are not the first ones to speculate about that. Check out the following links:




    I personally have not been keeping track of what days I have great sessions. So I don't know in my experience if there is any relevance to this.


  4. I found it gets easier and easier to to go over the edge. Some days are more intense than others. It took me 17 months for my first super-o. Now when I look back I realize how that first super o experience was very mild compared to the level ZI reach now. Every one is different though

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