Doin’ it on the floor

Yes, Mistress Aneros continues to bring out the best in me, our most recent session was most enjoyable….in spite of the fact that we “did it” right there on the workshop floor. I’m gonna’ have to get one of those nice thick camping pads; a couple of blankets on the concrete floor are not very comfy. (And I got the bruises to prove it)! The big plus about the workshop is that it’s a really private place, I have no worries whatsoever about anyone “catching us in the act.”

The opening chapter of my most recent session began with the Eupho. I started off on my back, knees up, legs spread open a little, and feet flat on the floor. I inserted the well lubed Eupho and began my relaxation / deep breathing routine. During this time I like to ratchet-up my sexual energy level by fantasizing just how pleasurable that first PC contraction (and subsequent contractions) is going to feel. Maybe this is one of those classic left brain / right brain scenarios… on the one hand I want to immediately start some gentle PC contractions and go for the instant gratification, but on the other hand I know that the longer I can put off starting the contractions the better they are going to feel when I do start them. What a dilemma!

When I could no longer resist temptation (about 15-minutes) I started a very, very gentle PC contraction, so gentle that initially all I could sense was a kind of “tight” feeling in my abdominal area, I did not sense any movement of the Eupho. As I very gradually increased the tension (strength) of my contraction I could sense the Eupho gently contacting my prostate. (And generating some very pleasurable feelings in the process). One thing I noticed about this super-slow PC contraction is that it seemed to generate some kind of “counter force.” What I’m trying to say is that although, at this stage, my contraction was very small, it felt as though it was nearly maxed out, it seemed to take a lot of effort on my part to contract any further. (This was really an awesome feeling)!

At this point I began imagining that on the surface of my prostate is a very small, very sensitive spot that when touched or rubbed brings forth the most incredible pleasure one could imagine. And wouldn’t you know it, the Aneros inside of me just happens to have a bump on it, a bump, that when positioned just right, will contact that small sensitive spot on my prostate. Whoo-boy, was my arousal ever being ratcheted-up!

Anyway, when the bump finally contacted the hot-spot I was “off to the races.” Minutes and minutes of exquisite toe curling, fist clenching, moaning, thrusting, writhing pleasure, pleasure that would go on for as long as I could hold that perfect contraction. (It’s been three or four days since this session, and as I write this I find myself with this silly grin on my face…guess I really did have a good time)! When I could go on no longer I released the contraction (not to some base level, but completely) and rested for several minutes, savoring the ride Mistress Aneros had just given me.

I repeated the above senario a couple more times, and then thought I’d give B. Mayfiled’s “slingshot” a go. And go it did, it had me frothing at the mouth with toe curling, fist clenching pleasure.

After another brief rest I tried something I had not tried since the first time I became acquainted with the Aneros, the Aneros recommended “lying on one’s side” position. Previously, I hadn’t had much success with this position, but today was completely different. (Or as Monty Python would say: “And now for something completely different”). Now that I was charged up this “on one’s side” position really rocked and rolled in the pleasure department. All the usual (for me) toe curling, fist clenching, writhing pleasure, but this time the vocalizations started to get out of hand.

About an hour and a half had passed since I began this session and my PC muscles were pretty weak so I decided to call it quits. But then something happened that had never before happened, after about an hour had passed I got this crazy itch to have a go with my Progasm. So off to the workshop it was for another 30 to 40-minute session. More exquisite pleasure, more toe curling, fist clenching, moaning pleasure. Is there no end in sight? (I hope not). The highlight of this rather short session was Mayfield’s “slingshot”. It worked very, very well with the Progasm. I think it worked well because the Progasm is larger and has more mass than the Eupho, and that made the involuntaries much more noticeable. It really gave me that “fucked by a ghost” feeling.

Ok, this has probably gone on much too long, but I just had to share these fantastic experiences with someone. Hope this comes across ok.


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  1. I can relate to all of this. Eupho has become my favorite and Progasm my second favorite. It seems the longer I use these toys, the faster I am able to reach "the promised land". As a side note, the tightening of my ab muscles seems to be giving me a slight 6 pack look and has definately strenghened that area. I am very slim anyway. That's a nice side effect. Also after my sesson from 2 days ago I found my calf muscles very sore. Toe curling is no exageration. I have the sore calves to prove it. "Ain't Life Grand"

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