Mistress Aneros gets her way…again!

I been on the Aneros super-highway for four short months and this morning was my best ever session. (Or should that be best session ever)? Minute after minute after minute of orgasmic pleasure. Muscle tensing, toe curling, fist clenching, hip thrusting, breath holding, panting, moaning, writhing, pleasure. When I tried to let go of my mild PC contraction mistress Aneros wouldn’t let me, she forced me to keep going… again and again she had her way with me. What finally brought my session to an end was the Staples delivery guy knocking on the door. Didn’t know if I should thank him of cuss him…. I did neither.

This session really surprised me as I didn’t expect much too happen because of a really crappy, non-sexual feeling, low esteem week. In the end I guess a week without the Aneros was what the mistress ordered, within moments of insertion small spasms of involuntaries started.

You know, I’ve really taken a liking to “roughing up” my Eupho. By “roughing up” I mean I rub the Eupho with a chunk of paraffin before I lube it up. The paraffin creates a slightly textured surface on the Eupho, makes it super easy to feel its subtle movements. And I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think the paraffin texture gives the sphincter a place to “grab onto” to better guide the Eupho’s movements. What works really well for me is to hold a gentle PC contraction, then either thrust or rotate my hips in order to rub the Eupho gently across my prostate. Mmmmmm… delicious! And one more thing, this Probe lube…it is the cats meow, no doubt about it.

Smiling all day again.



  1. It's unbelievable. Once you cross over it just seems to get better and better. At 55 my "recharge time" is like 1 day. And Eupho!!!!!!!….that little toy seems to know where the BIG "on" button is!

  2. Hi LL,

    It's unbelievable indeed! That's what kept going through my mind during that last session. Just when one thinks it can't get any better…it does. All hail the Eupho!

    At 66 it takes me at minimum a couple of days to recharge. Hopefully, with more use, that'll shorten, we shall see.

    And thank you for your comments, LL.


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