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Sometimes, long after all the sessions are complete, when I go to bed I just lay there and start the coaxing of the p-waves. First, I make sure I’m uncovered – no extraneous sensations. Then I find the right gentle contraction – all I know is its not the pc or bc muscle – I think it’s the cremaster muscle or something (Darwin would know) – it’s an outward inward pull push. Then it starts – the nice pressure, the creeping tingling. I don’t get them all over my body, I only get them were it counts, around the crotch. Then my peter starts to cycle up and down. Not throbbing. Pulsating. Just shy of twitching. It can cycle up and down like that for an hour and half – you just kind of have to throw common sense about sleep schedule out the window.

Makes me wish I knew more tricks. Like how to move the tingling around my body – maybe I should try to draw it up. I would not call these “immense pleasure waves”. They are immensely sensational – I don’t know, ‘cause I’ve never felt anything like it before. They are just my poor mans super-o. It is, after all, results. It’s just not orgasmic. It seems like I used to get involuntaries, but not so much anymore – just the good pressure and the p-waves. It’s like when its filling up with blood and the pulse beat follows from your pelvis up your peter (combined with p-wavyeous tingling) – but then it takes on a life of its own, asynchronous to your pulse beat.

In general, I just wait for it to crest over into something spectacular (or at least dry and o’ish). Alas, it never does.

The other day, when I was combining KSMO with the aneros with unabashed nipplage, I crossed over into a completely hands free wet one. To me, this signifies my body (and my methods) is/are totally lost. Don’t get me wrong – it felt great. But now my body is just learning another trick that keeps me from separating orgasm and ejaculation – that’s frustrating. It’s the wrong damn trick!

The nice thing about the nighttime ‘no KSMO, no Aneros’ sessions is that gas is never a problem. Neither is alcohol. Half a bottle of wine turns the Progasm into the Nogasm. The nighttime after effects, however, don’t care how much I’ve had to drink.

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