Great Maintenance Orgasms

I have always also used my Aneros models for prostate massage specific treatment for my chronic Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and prevention of the previous occasional bouts of more or less serious Prostatitis. One episode of prostatitis a few years ago took 3 months of antibiotic lashings to cure.

Although I can also use Aneros as a an erection encourager at times for my medication induced Erectile Dysfunction (ED), that is a different circuit, rewired and expressed consciously as a different intention. Such are the needs of Aneros multitasking! 🙂

So a normal BPH treatment session has the objective of a good vigourous hands-free prostate massage to break up those micro-crystals and other debris molecules so they can be flushed out with the next ejaculation, thereby "clearing the pipes". This restores a full and easy flow of urine where it can have gotten congested, narrowed significantly, and uncomfortable from time to time. Thank you Aneros and HIH!

These sessions usually start off in bed with relaxation, insertion, more relaxation and some voluntary/involuntaries opening movements. Once the energetic magic is working, relatively soon, my prostate is seeking something more vigourous and I get up for a walk about the house, particularly up and down stairs! Boy, can that Eupho move and MASSAGE!!!

Up and down, in and out (at first), side to side, round and round as we go (dance!) up and down the stairs!. At the exercise area, some toe-touching is fantastic! Deep Strokes! Recently I added a good ten minute speed walk on the treadmill. Nothing like it!

When I reported this on a recent Open Chat here rumel and the guys had great fun with that idea!
OK! Fine! Butt just try it yourselves and see what you think then! 🙂 :0 🙂

After a range of fun like this I return to the bed ready to pop. Throughout this activity my penis has been at its smallest and withdrawn and the testicles too are up and in. Back in bed, I don't immediately begin to look for an erection, rather it is the perfect time for the Male Clitoris Massage. A site Search will find the Forum threads discussing this topic.

Our prostates virtually ride on the upper side of the internal base of the penis shaft. So I gently push the head of my penis down between and into the shaft skin tube and fold the shaft skin over the top, the whole assembly including the contracted scrotum skin being like the clitoris under its hood and the labia ridges. It is interesting to feel the comparison and nerve energetics of these same basic bits of anatomy so dramatically re-purposed in males and females.

Then I gently and slowly pump the contracted penis shaft in and it bounces slowly back out. This marvellously massages the prostate against the rectum muscle wall up against that now still or subtly massaging Eupho! The effect is wonderful and another "flavour" in this full prostate massage!

Between the penis, the prostate and the movement with the Eupho, the crescendo is triggered the penis decides it is ready to expand and go all the way! Up out of its cave it ascends. The testicles want into the act, having been riding the earlier vibes in their own way, and descend to play too!

The hands take hold of the shaft and the full scrotum package and the nerves are firing at full force. Legs begin shaking, pelvis pumping naturally accelerates and a full blown Super-T masturbation ejac-orgasm flies and flows to fulfill the cleaning of the pipes accompanied by ecstatic waves of pleasure sustaining the chain of Super-Os that lead to the ejaculation.

If this be medical treatment, let me have excess of it! as the Bard said long ago, or…

Well it is and the best news is that my annual PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test has gone down to 0.94, LESS THAN ONE! for the last two years since beginning Aneros use.

The other great part of this is that these sessions can and do also bring on great Day-After Effects of Butt Buzz, Dry-Os and Ecstatic Energies Throughout the Body too.


  1. I enjoyed your read. I also arrived here in relief of BPH and ended up with so much more. LL

  2. Nice post artform!
    I too also enjoy reading your experiences.
    I started using Aneros prostrate massager's because of intermittent prostatitis flare ups from the age of 18. But also the lure of this mystery "super orgasm" was a big draw.


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