I’m a dumbass…I had a super-O and didn’t even realize it! I guess I was expecting something else and didn’t realize what I had experienced and attempted to describe in my previous post was a super-O.

Two things made me finally realize what I had experienced was a super-O. One, a post by Buster that I ran across while browsing the forums in which he described the exact same scenario (not realizing he was experiencing super-O’s because he was “looking” for something else). And two, I visualized what a video of my experience would look like compared to many of the female orgasm videos I’ve seen. My imaginary video would have shown me lying back in my recliner moaning, panting, trembling, twitching, jerking, thrusting and writhing in ecstasy, all for a good thirty minutes. That tops 98% of the female orgasm videos I’ve seen.

I feel soooo damn good now!


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  1. LOL…….I don't believe that falls into the category of being a dumbass. It only gets better!!!

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