A Four Hour Orgasm….

Last night getting to sleep, the walk down the steps into Hypnagogia was great fun. Have you or your partner ever broken into laughter while halfway to sleep? The lower steps were almost completely covered with brightly coloured kitsch teapots shaped like little cottage cabins. Hypnagogia itself was a riot of images, colours, interactions, flow…

Mrs. a and I had had a fun discussion in bed, but were too tired for a lengthy session and went right to sleep.

This morning we woke up and, after morning ablutions, got back into bed and were reading and talking when I suddenly got a significant and persistent energy bloom in my lower abdomen, right perineum, testicle, public bone area, and growing!!! I felt the possibility of it expanding and tried mentally to open to that, or encourage the expansion.

Sometimes when I do that the energies are not strong enough or there is some blockage, and they just dissipate away… Butt not today!

After a brief pause when I thought they had disappeared, softly and in scattered points of energetic flares they started up, all around and throughout my body, at first most clearly in the extremities, around the perimeter. In a few minutes I was in the throws of a full body, campfires everywhere, Mitochondrial Orgasm again! Hallelujah!

At first I put my book down and closed my eyes to relax and allow this, to see where it would go. It intensified and saturated my whole body/consciousness. I reached my hand over to mrs. a and she knew to put hers on mine, palm to palm, as we have tested whether the energies were focusing/focusable, as we have many times in the past year or more. They were not moving from the overall body distribution but pulsing more powerfully, yet no exchange was available.

Then I recalled what I had been reading! Jill Bolte Taylor's book: A Stroke of Insight, which I posted about when it was first reported in the NYT last year. I'm early in the second chapter on the science of her experience looking at a brain cross-section and visualizing her descriptive passage. Suddenly I remembered just how similar this is to the triggering of the first MO! Recounted in this earlier post from here in the blog: http://www.aneros.com/displayentry.php?id=261

A later post here recounts another MO as the most powerful Day-After Effect I have had the day following and Aneros solo session. These are one of the best, richest orgasmic energetic solo experiences above and beyond Super-Os in my experience. And this one, like the first, brought on as an aesthetic response to a reading/visualization/imagination event and excellent aneros "training wheels" skills and memories!

As I continue to experience these, and other energies that feel directly mitochondrial, and follow medical science research, I am more convinced that much of this depends on synchronizing with our mitochondria and their "collective" signalling intelligence. Ant hills, bee hives, termite mounds and the like are forms of collective social communication/intelligence, also known as Super-Organisms. You can see where I'm going with this, eh?

I have talked elsewhere about the quantum hive mind potential dimension to our mental life and the current lab research tending to confirm the quantum dimension of consciousness. So these MOs could be described as Super-Organismic Super-Orgasms!!! Six hours now, and though reduced and down to the level of Butt Buzz, it has been an extraordinary day…