The Great Fish Oil Experiment

The last couple of weeks have been spent on the same plateau and with even a little retrenchment thrown in for good measure. During this time, there also seems to have been an explosion of new and talented forum players who walked right into their super-o’s with no regard to milestones. Congratulations fellas! Am I envious? You bet. But us grinders have got other things to appreciate that only taking our time can bring.

How different my experience would be if I’d gotten whole body orgasms right out of the chute. If I had been one of the lucky ones who didn’t even have time to finish the wiki before they moved on, I certainly wouldn’t have gotten the breadth of pleasurable and spiritual knowledge that there is on this board. I’d a been out of here.

On the other hand, if I’m actually that guy on the poster who’s “life is just to serve as warning to others”, then I’d better get on with chronicling it!

So, I’m off to try the next thing. I went down to GNC and bought me a bucket of fish oil. I got their triple strength formula and then I had to go and get some stand alone DHA pills to swing the EPA to DHA ratio to a robust 1.485. Another $50 toll on the Aneros Super Highway. I’m already two days in. My ramp up plan calls for increasing the dosage to my recommended level of 3735 of EPA and 2515 of DHA over the next two weeks. This will bring everything to a frothing peak right at the next Full Moon Club meeting on March 11th. I’m on my annual alcohol and nicotine purge for the next 7 weeks, so we’ll see if that helps too. Got some high quality dark chocolate just in case!



  1. LOL, you got to love your attitude. It took me over 2 years (I can't even remember how long) I take fish oil also. Keep posting. I always log in just to read others progress. Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!

  2. Dedication indeed.
    None of lifes little pleasures for Lent.
    I wish you other pleasures instead.

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