24-hours later

I just couldn’t resist the siren call of mistress Aneros…so in she went. I nixed my usual 20 to 30-minutes of deep breathing / relaxation exercises and went for a “do what-ever feels good” approach. Hard contractions (Kegel exercises) felt pretty good so I did a bunch of those. When I became bored with the Kegels I thought I’d see just how long I could hold a medium-hard contraction. After about 10 minutes I started experiencing involuntary contractions. WOO-HOO, those felt really, really nice! I rode wave after wave of pelvis rotating / pelvis thrusting involuntaries for a good 30-minutes, writhing and moaning in ecstasy each time I stimulated my nipples.

Around these-here parts I here tell of something called the “super-O”… if it feels as good as people say I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it when (if) it happens!



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