Aneros arsenal

In the short time I’ve been here (a couple of months) I’ve have managed to acquire four different Aneros models. First was the helix. It’s first few sessions didn’t do much, so I went bigger, way bigger, all the way to the progasm. Well, the progasm didn’t work out very well at all… for me it was much too large, too uncomfortable, it just seemed to sit there and not do much. Back to the helix it was.

Then a couple of weeks later I ordered the MGX. I really liked its shape and length, it hit the prostate quite nicely, but the ribbed stem chafed the ol’ hole and seemed to limit its mobility.

So, it was back to the tried and true helix. Once I got several more sessions under my belt it started to work quite well for me…I went on to have my first super-o with this model.

And lastly in my Aneros arsenal is the eupho. I test rode (I’m a motorcycle guy) the eupho for the first time this morning. First thing I noticed is that it was super mobile and with just the right contraction it hit my prostate’s “on” button dead center. Once I found and held that perfect contraction it was off to super-O city! And the funny thing is, once the eupho was working its magic it didn’t feel like it was moving much at all.

I can’t stop smiling!


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  1. I didn't like the Eupho when I first bought it and Progasm was way to big for me too. At this point in time the Eupho is my favorite and the Progasm has resulted in some great orgasmic sessions. I left Progasm in my drawer for almost 7 months. I took it out 1 day and it launched me into my first super-o. The rest is history as they say.

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