A quick update (finally)

It was only a couple of weeks after my super-O’s went on vacation that they returned to the roost. Biggest help was to make sure I was at least somewhat aroused before I started the session. Next biggest help was to cut back on Aneros usage to around once per week.

Had a great session Saturday morning, no matter what position I tried (on back with knees up, on my left side, on my right side, down on all fours with my butt in the air) awesome sensations in each and every position. Finished off the session with a remarkable super-T… then spent the rest of the day floating around on cloud nine.



  1. I go through these cycles also. I don't usually lose it altogether but from mild to intense and everything in between. I think this is normal. In a perfect world each session would be better than the last. Good luck on your journey. LL

  2. Dear SWW,
    I am a hetero male aged 70 and have just read your blog right through.I have only been on this journey for a couple of months but I have to say your story is an incredible inspiration. I can relate to your experiences absolutely and just hope I can replicate your story in coming months. Please keep us up to date.
    Cheers, Pommie

  3. maybe too frequent usage is my problem? I thought frequency would "awaken the prostrate". I'll cut back and see if this helps, thanks

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