weird sensations?

yesterday I was watching porn, and I was really really horny, and suddenly anal contractions started, like my butt needed the aneros…am I getting used to it????

today I tried again, and the anal contractions started too 🙂 and I can feel like something swollen inside me..finally I think I'm understanding the sensations of the prostate swelling 😀

can't wait for my next session!

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  1. I didn't realize the prostate swelled a great deal. Well I learned something new. And everyone's body react differently anyhow. I know my prostate is little firmer when I get horny or haven't ejaculated in a while.

    You are becoming re-wired. What you are experiencing is a phenomenon called "Aneros Horny." It is a very unique experience. There is such thing as jacking off when you feel horny but no amount of jacking off can take away the horniness of craving the Aneros for only the Aneros can cure that type. There is no going back now. Welcome to the Super O Society.

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