Update August 09

Since late June, almost exactly two months ago, I have had altogether, about three dozen sessions, which have involved all models of Aneros devices with the exception of any of the Peredise models. About four of these sessions have involved the Progasm Ice, but my preferred model seems to be the Helix, which was used in about half of all sessions.

I have now achieved a level of experience where I can reliably experience P waves in every session, usually coming in groups of half a dozen or so, continuing without a break for periods of about half an hour. Nowadays, I manage two or three such groups in each session. On a couple of occasions, I have experienced what I would believe was a mini O, during which my whole body seemed to shake almost uncontrollably, but these experiences have been rare. All sessions involving P waves have been with the Helix or SGX, but I am still experimenting and look forward to similar effects with the others. I still live in hope that one day I will experience a full-blown Super O.

I can also report that a few days ago, I had my Helix inserted during intercourse with my beloved J. This resulted in a most memorable and intense lovemaking session and created one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever enjoyed. (Although J does know that I am using Aneros devices, she was not aware of the presence of the Helix the other day)! I am hoping to involve her more fully in my use of Aneros devices but am aware that she is a bit sensitive about it thus far.