How long I've been at this.

So today, during some back forth e-mails with Aneros Support. I found out that they have on record the date of my first Aneros purchase, the Helix. Turns out my prior estimates of usage were short by about 3/4 of a year. I purchased my Helix 12/04/06. So it's been close to 2 and 3/4 years I've been using Aneros prostate massager's. And still I'm grinding away towards super-O achievement. 😀

If I had known in advance it was going to take this amount of time, I'm not sure I would have started the journey. Thankfully I'm in a good state of mind and can just chuckle about it. And it's been fun and down right fascinating to observe the changes and sensations in the mean time!


  1. Fortunately, the journey is not without it's rewards!

    Besides, you are not alone my friend.


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