Session 3

Thanks all for the comments, you make me feel that I am a member of a special group. Please make more, I need the support

I just completed my third session and I continue to make progress. I still have a lot twitching and shaking, and have several dry orgaisms of varying intensity. I feel that I am getting very close to a super O and my have even past it. There are times when I can cannot stop stimulating my nipples and I am thrashing around and I feel I need a release and it comes. Once I was on my knees and I just collapsed. Such pleasure!

The greatest thing are the contractions and orgaisms the following day. It first started at the gym in the shower. The warm water relaxes me and I just had wave after wave of pleasure.This continued at the office where every hour I had to close my door and grasp the desk and let the waves of pleasure come. They are truly orgaisms in that I feel so relieved and weak afterwards

I wish I had known about Aneros earlier in my life.


  1. Fantastic sloan12!!!
    I'm always amazed to read about you guys than can just super-O while out and about doing other things. I'm guessing work is a lot more interesting these days? LOL


  2. Congrats sloan12 !!! Lots of envy from here !!

    1. Watch zoning out during those afternoon conference calls.
    2. Keep yourself muted so that the moans don't alarm others on the bridge.
    3. It's poor form to have security break into your office with a fireaxe.

    I agree, it's rough making up for lost opportunities; so, never look back. 🙂

  3. I am the same with stimulating my nipples as well and it seems to be key to having super-o for me. I like to also do rythmic breathing, in and out. I seem to get great pleasure when breathing in as far as I can and holding it for a second or two then breath out and feel the waves of pleasure that lead up to a super-o.

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