Recharge time

Recharge time = time between sessions for this 66 year-old Aneros freak.

I’ve been attempting to determine my ideal recharge time, here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

Two days: Definitely not enough time for me, I’ll get some nice feelings, but no super-O’s.

Five (or more) days: Now this is more like it, I can actually feel the Eupho gently massaging my prostate as I breathe, or when I subtly thrust and / or rotate my pelvis, or gently flex my PC muscles. Feelings of incredible pleasure deep within my body… super-O’s on call!

So to all you other Aneros freaks out there, if you’re not getting much out of your Aneros sessions try increasing the time between your sessions… may be just what the mistress ordered.

As always, your mileage may vary.


Update Tuesday, 6-2-09: Had an awesome session with my eupho this morning, one of those sessions in which the tiniest of PC contractions or the tiniest hip movement produced a huge amount of pleasure in my anus / rectum / prostate. And only FOUR days since the last session!

Thank you mistress Aneros!


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  1. Recharge. Yes !!!

    After my first five sessions, I took an 8-day sabbatical to get ready for the annual PSA event. I'd call it the four-R's Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Rebuilding and Recharging. Came back with stronger PC, Ab/pelvic and anal muscles than before.

    Lotsa mobility with Dame Helix on sessions #6 and #7. I think something like 3-weeks on and five or six days of the 4-Rs would be about right.

    Tks all for the words and the parafin suggestion on Eupho. I've got a Progasm coming for Father's Day but am now sure that the Euphos will follow that.

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