Two separate practices?

So as it stands now, I feel like I have two separate but related practices going on. One is the standard Aneros session in bed using my Progasm while laying on my back with knees up. The other is sitting in my computer chair, with no Aneros inserted, while viewing or reading porn. And the interesting thing is that the effects/results are somewhat different. In both practices I do not touch my penis, unless I decide to super-T at the end. But I seem to be getting better at not allowing myself to ejaculate for longer amounts of days. My current best is 7 days.

I so far have had more pleasurable "sessions" without an Aneros in my computer chair. I get these amazing energetic sensations going up and down my torso, and the involuntary anal contractions are incredibly powerful and pleasurable feeling. I generally at some point hold a PC and anal contraction combo. Sometimes slight, sometimes hard, that really jump starts the involuntaries and pleasure. I may have just barely had a mini-O this way last week, but I'm not entirely sure. As I have nothing to really compare it against because I have not been able to experience this sensation again. I just know that it was more pleasurable than what I've experienced so far, and it seemed to have to do with the contractions and involunteries.

Where as my Aneros sessions, the energetic sensations seem to stay in my pelvic area, sometimes causing me to feel numb down there, and never go anywhere else. And the involuntaries don't seem to be as pleasurable feeling. Still nice, but it seems different than what I am experiencing without an Aneros in me. Is anyone else experiencing results in non-Aneros sessions that are different from the Aneros sessions? Or any thoughts in general?


  1. Hi Love_is,

    Sorry, but I can't offer anything on non-Aneros sessions…I've never, ever experienced anything remotely like you (and many others) have described.

    On the numbness, I wonder if your Progasm is dulling things a little because its rather large dimensions are “overpowering” your nerves “down there?” Anyway, that’s how the Progasm kind of feels to me. I have had one or two enjoyable sessions with the Progasm, but I’ve not been able to leave it in for very long time, and I’ve not had any success with it without first “warming-up” with my Eupho.


    PS: Have you tried the Eupho?

  2. Hello SlipperyWhenWet, 🙂

    I suppose it's possible that the Progasm's large dimensions are overpowering my nerves. Perhaps because as I continue to re-wire I become more sensitive? It's a shame, as this is only a recent occurrence. I never used to get that response from my Progasm. Just always pleasurable for the 7 months or so I've had it. I think that my next session I will try my Helix first and see what that does. Perhaps like you say, a smaller model won't create that numbness effect. I have been able to somewhat diminish the numb feeling by occasionally lifting and moving my hips a bit. I don't know if that is the ultimate answer, but it does help.

    I haven't tried the Eupho yet. It's basically that last model for me to acquire at some point, as I disregard the SGX and Maximus. I've read all the good things about that model. But I don't usually buy a new model until I no longer find any progress in my journey. I'm not at that point yet. Just a little bump in the road. 😉 😀

    Thanks for replying.


  3. So I tried the Helix a few days back after SlipperyWhenWet's comment here. No luck. It just doesn't do much at all. So I'm still primarily working with the Progasm.


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