Grinding Away

I haven’t really had a bad session since starting the KSMO. One thing the KSMO really helps with is with the discipline to only use the Aneros three times a week. The Peridise is my weapon of choice since it produces results with a minimum of effort and a maximum of mobility.

I have 4 different kinds of sessions 1) Aneros 2) KSMO 3) The session I like to have when I lay down in bed at night and my prostate starts throbbing and I just relax and focus without either Aneros or KSMO and 4) My favorite, but least frequent, sessions with my SO. Not included are general spousal sex sessions which end in ejaculation and kick off another cycle of arousal building.

All these sessions result in intense sensations that I don’t know how they can keep going without release. And oh how sensitive my nipples have become! The general cycle of orgasm starts out with arousal building with session types 1, 2 and 3 and end when the wife wants it to or I need a good nights sleep – ‘cause otherwise, as the days pass by, the little walnut keeps me awake longer and longer.

Still, despite the constant cycle of arousal building, intense sensations and p-waves there have been no breakthrough moments of mini-o’s, dry-o’s or super-o’s.

It is fortunate that nature has provided our brain with such a thick, compelling viscous soup of chemicals to keep our male arousal cycle from becoming boring and repetitious. Other-wise my logical, rational, clear-thinking brain would have curtailed this activity long ago as insane (doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results). I know, I know, I just said the E-Word. But c’mon, it’s pretty funny. I’m a grown man doomed to blog my long, long journey!


  1. Hello J4, 🙂

    What an interesting read! I'm right there grinding away also. So you're in good company. Well… Between all those types of sessions, you certainly have some variety in your sex life! 😀

    Why is it important for you to only use the Aneros three times a week?

    Yeah, the E-word and the R-word are so dirty, you must not say them! LOL Just kidding. And yes this activity of Aneros use is a bizarre at times journey when you think of just the mechanics of it. Let me see if I have this right… So I put a piece of plastic up my ass every other day in the hopes that I'll have the most amazing orgasm ever! LOL When you think about it, it really goes against what we've learned and known as men about sexual pleasure revolving around our penis's.

    Grind on!


  2. Love_is,

    3 times a week is about all I need. There have been times when I can and have used the product 5 days in a row. By the third day and on, in general, I see declining sensations. When I use the product ‘every chance I get’, with no jump in received pleasure, I start to get frustrated by time use and routine boredom. By logging less Aneros hours and keeping to KSMO 20 minute protocol I get virtually the same results AND more productive time. In addition, because my prostate is on an ever increasing ‘awakening’ path, I am starting to be able to count on nighttime sessions free of Aneros, lube, preparation or KSMO!

    The concept of ‘less is more’ is a difficult one for me to swallow, ergo, my appreciation for the discipline KSMO brings to my Aneros use.

    I follow your journey, Love_is, and I see our footsteps have walked much of the same path. It is people like you who still bring a good attitude to the table after all these months that make the travel enjoyable.


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