Sensitivity cycle

This is just a short post. I have mentioned in the past how my body seems to go through periods of cycles where at some point I have extreme super-o's ( toe curling )and other time I have periods of milder super-o's. Just 2 weeks ago I had several sessions in a week that sent me through the roof. I thought I had reached a new level. Now this week, though I am achieving super-o's they are nowhere near as intense as 2 weeks ago. This always surprises me. So….just a note to all you users. LL PS. can't wait till ny next INTENSE cycle!!!! Oh how greedy I have become. 🙂 Is this how women feel in their cycles? Ha Ha

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  1. Hi LL,

    Yep, one never knows what mistress Aneros has in store, she's a mystery wrapped in an enigma.


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