Logging out

Im just recovering from a five hour marathon which Ive decided marks the end of my little honeymoon with myself in the quest for the mistery, the orgasm, the new plane, whatever… Ive been 24 days hitting aneros and self-tantra on an average of 1.5 sessions a day. Now is the time to take a break and settle into a moderate approach, I feel the door has been unlocked.

The session – Random data:
– The session was a combination of tantric masturbation and aneros (four hours prior I had been doing 10 minutes Key Sound practice)
– Cannabis was involved
– I went through various liters of water and 6 pieces of frui tin the process
– I kept having voices in my head with all sorts of information on the forum throwing at me tips here and there
– I did my fare share of trying not to cum as an exercise and it was very intense
– I was constantly switching between all my aneros toys: peridise, progasm, eupho and helix
– I used more lube that what Im normally used to. Ocasionally I would inject some water to awaken the lube that was already there to give it a floatiness, in order to get super movement. My guess with the rectum is that a lot of the fluid is reabsorbed through the walls anyway, which explains in a way why waterbased lubes loose their stay in a closed envioroment were there is no theoretical loss of humidity
– Once I felt I had unlocked the door I remembered what other veterans said. That when I start having the super-o's, I would be able to get orgasms with any toy in any position. Which proved to be
– As I write I feel an orgasm ready to explode just waiting for a pc squeeze to let it happen
Peridise and Eupho are my favourite models no doubt about it. Eupho is superior to helix, Progasm just cant compare in the pleasure generating department at this point. Peredise works different to the other models, it plays a league of its own. So Eupho and Peridise is for me, in that order even better. I think I just love the feeling of the two most mobile models in an extra lubed enviroment
– My next objective are musicgasms soon. Ive had them in the past and Im quite sure they can be replicated
– I experimented new things with the progasm, which I have never gotten powerful results like with the peridise and the eupho. When I was in the middle of an orgasm that was taking me over I would insert the progasm and go through the orgasm with it inserted which amplified and re-feeded the orgasm with close to no effort at all.
– Most of the time I was having the sessions were enormous waves of pleasure / super-O, some more intense than others. I noticed a wide variety of orgasms and sensations throughout the process. Different toys gave me different sensations
– My favourite combination by far is eupho and peridise. I repeted the combo constantly throughout the session. Starting with eupho, when the pleasure was invading me I would remove and insert peridise instantly and the sensations would go down for a few seconds and then the fluttering sharp sensations of peridise would trigger a nice and powerful orgasm
– At the end of the session I was well charged and try to lie passive on the bed and something took over, my body would involutarily start shaking and orgasms would flow through my body very sofly but non stop. I had no toy at that point and inserted the progasm in the middle of the orgasm. My pelvis was doing involutary rocking like in sex. I would then start taking all the positions I had and released different movements throughout the body with cascades of memories of sensations of pleasure lived in this position. I think the progasms helped a lot in catapulting this experience into a non-stop orgasm. I always felt I could pull out of the orgasm if I choosed but I did so through a quick ejaculation (today is number 8 of my ejaculatory fast), and because it was so quick and with no build up there was not much to ejaculate. The again I noticed a landing sensation of the whole body were all the energies floating around would settle, and settle, there was at least five minutes of continual waves of relaxation that were very warm and filling until I got up to go to the bathroom and get ready to go to sleep.

I feel very loving towards everything right now and the universe has conspired to put a girl on my way very soon. I recieved a phone call from a good friend of mine and couldnt stop flirting and teasing her in a very playful little boy type way. Priceless. I havent had sex/proper dates in a few months and Im not nervous at all with the outcome of the relationship, I feel like exposing myself just as I am and have her accept it or not. I feel very sexy and find her very sexy too.

Well, Ive probably left a ton out of what acutally happened tonight. But this for me closes a chapter in my search. I hope some of all this is helpful/amusing for someone, I wrote it for my self too. If anyone whants to expand or discuss any of this go ahead. The sensations were way better than any drug Ive tried (havent tried much though: mdma, shrooms, weed…

In general this is crazy if someone would have told me a month ago what I was going to go through… mindblowing. Todays session was legendary but all the sessions that preceeded this one had hints of what this one was about. The moment I started the session I had an intuition as to where this was all headed. Each day Ive been feeling more and more charged with energy. I remember what David Deida commented on sexual energy, its all about generating it and to progresively be able to hold more and more of it in the body. Meditation, sport and relaxation exercises are making the excess of new energy more tolerable I feel.

Very long post but this is goodbye for my blog and continual updates, from now on I'll be around anyway.

Thankyou so much to everyone on the site!!! Loved a few of the blogs, and the posts that are pure gold, Im creating my own little diary of orgasm just to keep track of the links to those discussion and the information Im learning on the way.