Rewiring at work ?

Session #5. Helix Time: 90 min. Pre-lube: ID Glide + H2O Tool-lube: Crisco & pH on stem 5/21/09 (Rewiring at work?)

I had planned to repeat the pleasureful approaches to orgasm that I'd had twice during Session #4. Then, rev them up a bit. However, I got sage advice from <helixbill> and <Love_is> … tone it down a lot. Both of these gents seem to have been where I am now so the message came with powerful 'sponsorship.'

So, this turned into a 'relaxation' session. Laid out all my stuff on the bed in advance. (Skipped my wife's perfumed oils and soft candles. I'm not that fem…yet! — LOL) Did the whole prep and shower. Took the advice and tried to ratchet down the Type-A spirit that had driven me quite hard in Session #4.

Inserted and started with simple contractions to seat the Helix and lightly massage the prostate, then assumed a BCL, relaxed, meditated and worked with a fantasy. No attempt at 'positional awareness' or any 'micro massage.' At 20 minute intervals I rolled from one side to back, to other side then to belly in spread eagle. Nada, discontinued at 90 minutes.

Lube note: Lube didn't seem quite as fluid as it was for Session #4. Perhaps Ultra-Gel is worth another try.

Decided that I've lost the way. I've got to go back to the 'basics' and get back on the path. Got just short of two weeks to 'set a course.' Will go 'celibate' for my annual PSA. While I'm out of action, I'll work on my blog and get started all over again.

Next morning amendment: After journaling the session last night, here's an "add."

At 2 a.m. my wife woke me up to announce that I had been "Moaning." Assured here that I was OK and went back to sleep. At 3 a.m. I was awake again with my wife complaining about the even louder moaning. The dog let out a few loud barks and walked into the bedroom to check me out. (OMG, reminescent of the Shaggy Dog movie from Disney.)

I could not remember any dream activity. Still donno where the road signs are but the 'wake up' calls were memorable.
Three days later, on the commode for my morning dump.

Mild push to get things started. Good dump. And bingo, first the right ankle takes off with uncontrolled twitching then left ankle follows suit. Both ankles quaking away for nearly a minute, pounding my heels on the floor. Nothing like that, ever. Showered, then flopped on the bed before getting dressed. Both thighs kicked in with twitching.


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  1. Neato newbie2009!!!
    The steps in progress on the Aneros journey are really interesting. My latest progress has been that completely relaxing during a session doesn't do much. I have to hold a small baseline contraction(Read about in the Aneros WIKI) to get really pleasurable involuntary anal contractions. Try lightly contracting your anal and PC muscles(the ones that move your prostrate closer to the Aneros), so it feels like you're contracting the front side of your anal muscles. This works quite well for me. You'll find over time as you progress that your focus on different techniques and what you feel changes. It's a learning process.


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