About to explode

Things are stabilizing these weeks. Had a few days pause and now Im back, the first days I went full throtle and achieved nothing.

But yesterday I just slipped peridise and started reading some sex book and found my self floating in pleasure waves, after that, inserted the eupho and mmmm more intense even. I had to put the book down after 20minutes, couldnt read straight.

Tonight same thing, picked up some erotic book and started reading and getting turned on with the eupho inside, I didnt even get to the kinky part of the chapter before the p-waves took over, when they subsided, went to peredise and the ride continued in a different way.

I like how reading something takes my mind out of the aneros toy, and it starts taking life of its own. The problem might be with the possitions.

I lost the count of how many days Ive been on fast but my guess is about 7. I'm like going through some tantric "point of no return" practice. For those not familiar with the practice it consists on building up just before the point of no return, and chanelling the energy upwards through the midline. Its normally recomended to open the heart chakra before all others. Done right you dont really have to make PC contractions that stop the flow, although sometimes they become necesarry and some ejaculation is lost. But its not only about ejaculation, its about keeping the energy of the orgasm. Aneros P-waves and orgasms have helped me reconect with other types of pleasure sensations and releases, and this practice is becoming easier and easier. Once Ive gone through 5 or so orgasms, I no longer have the urge to cum really and my body is pulsating.

As for now my energy feels terrific. Im doing Key sound two times per week. Im currently not seeing anyone but myself, which means Im spending a time taking care of myself and making love to myself. Its beautyfull!! I go through my practice of hygene, self massage, erotic touch, masturbation and end with aneros orgasms. Thats whats in it for me now, I sleep like a baby and Im very much in love with myself at this point. I try to say nice things to myself and forgive myself often. I realize that at times Im much of a pleaser with everyone else and havent payed much attention to me.

My meditation practice has evolved at this point, I dont practice long sessions, just 24 minutes a day upon waking. All the orgasmic release has helped to drain/keep at bay some deep kind of tension stored within. Keeping my mind clear and unfocused is easier, I find myelf concentrating on stillness with an unfocused/deatached gaze (eyes close), and finding that place where I dont care about time, things happen but Im not really bothered, everything is just as it is. And Im having moments that when resting in that place I wake up inside my meditation as if I had had a nap, and I dont know how much time had passed. Like experiences of no time.

Anyway to comment on eupho. Very disapointed at first, had the impression that it was exactly like the helix, but… things have changed these last few session, I have the feeling its helping me awake the area, all the movement makes it feel like a giant peridise. The cool pattern Im feeling within lately is that I keep having different aneros combinations all the time. At some points Im thinking, simple is best and that I could live on peridise or helix alone. At others I think that eupho and progasm is all I ever need to give giant scope of experiences… etc.

Told my best friend about Key Sound and Aneros. I'm buying him peridise beginers set as a present for him. Hes happy, although he has never gotten any pleasure from the back door and has doubts in his mind. Hes got a bit of hemorroids going on, very subtle, some bleeding every other month. So Im guessing it will be a good introduction to anal play and to the control of the aneros. After that I'll buy him a MGX/Helix and let him fly alone and decide after that.

Im loving all these new gateways and experiences and some of my fantasy thoughts right now are being to be able to share all this with some future partner. Im doing a bit of investigating on female orgasms and a few threads here have helped, although if someone had some recomendations they would be welcome.

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  1. Re: Hemorrhoids

    I'm one more guy to say that the Aneros is the best thing that's happened as far as Hemorrhoids are concerned. And that's not BS. Tool inventory: Helix, SGX & Progasm.

    Three years ago I had a banding and was expecting I'd need another this year. With my improved sphincter control and muscle condition, that won't be necessary. …nube09

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