10-hours later…still smiling

It’s been about three weeks since my last entry, here’s a brief rundown on what’s been going on for me in Aneros-land.

Now that the newness has worn off I’ve scaled back a little on usage. I started out “seeing” Mistress Aneros pretty much every day, now I’ve reduced that to a more reasonable two to three times per week.

Every once in a while I have a dud session, a session in which my Aneros offers up very little movement or pleasurable feelings. At first I wrote this off as being “just one of those days,” but after reading through a recent thread titled “Unrefined shea butter, how much?” I came to realize inadequate lubrication was my problem. What I hadn’t been doing was purposely lubing the area between my outer and inner sphincter. (What ya’ gotta do is stick your well lubed finger “up there” a few times to make sure the ol’ sphincter is good and slick). This made a tremendous difference, now my Eupho feels as light as a feather, just the tiniest of contractions produces exquisite pleasure…

Had a very nice session this morning, spent about half of it (one-hour) just groovin’ on the subtle and delicious feelings the Aneros gave me while I was doing some slow (really slow) contractions. I’d start from a totally relaxed state and very slowly do a PC contraction. When the PC contraction got to the point where it was about maxed out I found that if I held it at that point an anal contraction would involuntarily take over and pull the Aneros rest of the way in. That felt sooooo awesome!

Somehow these Aneros sessions make ones bladder work overtime, even if I pee just before a session I find I have to go again (really badly) once I’m into a session. I have yet to see an explanation for why this happens. Luckily my pee break didn’t slow things down one bit; I was back in the groove in a matter of minutes.

After the pee break I went for some steady PC contractions to see if I could get some involuntaries going, but I couldn’t really get them started. Made no difference though, as holding a steady contraction (in concert with slowly rotating / thrusting my pelvis) produced many wonderful pleasure waves and mini-O’s. As I rotated my pelvis I could feel the Eupho gently stroke my prostate… that right there put me on another planet…in another galaxy…far, far away! A couple of times I briefly entered some kind of (I'm having a hard time coming up with the right words here) altered state of consciousness. Maybe a better term would be “out of body experience.” Anyway, Mistress Aneros definitely made my day.