Achievement Unlocked: Super O while lying on Stomach

So I finally figured out why I couldn't get things going well on my stomach.

Turns out I need to have my head either level or below my hips. Having a pillow under my head somehow messes with the angle of the aneros and doesn't allow for good contact with the perineum and/or the prostate.

So I raised my pelvis up on a pillow with my head on the mattress and bam Super O in no time.

I decided to remove it and just lie flat on the mattress and again Super O and a second in a 1hr session.

This has been frustrating me ever since I've had the aneros because IMO this is the best position to have a super O in because you're already prone and don't have to exert yourself to maintain a position when the twitches start coming fast and furious. Just lay there and enjoy it.

I may be spending more time in my room in the near future