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I posted this in September right after my first Super-O. I just went back and read it and I thought I would repost it for those newbees. Hope springs eternal for those grinders who haven't reached the super-o level. Don't give up!!

Ok this all got started for me when I began to develop prostate problems and one doctor after the next just threw pills at me. They seemed to help very little. I decided to visit a friend of mine who happens to be a urologist a distance away. I ended up with a prostate massage and felt better immediately. The relief lasted about 4 or 5 days then came right back. Ok so I am web savvy and I do a little research and end up here. I purchased the Aneros Helix. I have actually been using it for not quite 2 years. It has given me lots of pleasure and some very intense sessions. No Super-O. But remember, that was not why I came here. This little device helped me immensely. If used on a regular basis it pretty much controlled my prostate discomfort and was really fun to use……REALLY FUN! But alas, my curiosity got the best of me and I ordered the Progasm because….bigger is better…. Well I have owned the Progasm for about 9 months and quite frankly; this thing was just too big for me. It is truly large. I think I used it 3 times but I found it difficult to insert so it ended up in my drawer under my clothes. About 2 weeks ago I am feeling a little more discomfort than usual and my usual Helix and I am feeling just nothing. So I decide to take out my Progasm and give it a try. Again difficult to insert but once in very comfortable. I lay on my back and through anal contractions only I can feel the Progasm rubbing what feels like the length of my prostate. I keep it very gentle but after about 5 or 10 minutes my legs begin the shake and it feels very good. My prostate feels like it's getting a firm but gentle massage and I begin full body shaking. This feels great!! I want more and try to assist with some pelvic thrusts and I lose the feeling. I decide to stop but this new sensation was great and I decide to use the Progasm next time. So now its 3 days later and I am in very little discomfort. I decide to use the Progasm again and I find myself pretty excited which after almost 2 years using the Helix there was nothing really new. So again difficult to insert but very comfortable to use once in. I find for me lying on my back is most comfortable. This session felt great from the start. I gently contracted my anus mussels and allowed the Progasm to stroke my prostate. I was in no rush and enjoyed the intense feelings that were building. My whole crotch was tingling and then my fingertips!! I wasn't sure what was going on I thought I pinched a nerve but then I am suddenly hit with this electrical current and my whole body is buzzing head to toe and my eyes have rolled back with my neck arched and I thinking, "your going to have a heart attack." So I relax my entire body and breathe deeply and continue the gentle contractions. I was able to hold this Super-O for about 10 minutes. It felt like my entire nervous system was being stimulated……..It felt sooooooo good. I'm a 54 year old straight married guy and I am still learning about my body. I am so glad I found this natural cure and my wife approves too.

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  1. Thanks for posting this again LivingLarge. I still haven't reached a super-O yet. But I to find the Progasm to be the one model that consistently brings me immense pleasure. Slow and steady wins the race right?


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