How I stumbled in here

Blog, ground-zero. — how I stumbled in the door —

Early in 2009 my wife and I embraced the Oprah/Sue Berman/Dr. Oz approach to improve our g-spot batting average. That involved a set of Dr. Berman's training tools, maps, and techniques. Good stuff!

Then, at a 'Sex101' workshop for seniors, a local Urologist mentioned that the g-spot was just a "left-over chunk of prostate tissue common to both males and females… …both the g-spot and prostate had similar sensory characteristics and connections to the Central Nervous System." Soooo….., what was good for the Goose must be fair for the Gander.

Even though I have an 'itchy' prostate, my track record with anal-stim is poor. Most anal toys have given me a lousy "pleasure-to-discomfort ratio." All have settled to the bottom of our toy box or have gone out in the trash. Nevertheless, we searched the web stores for a new p-tool for couples. I chose a brand-name, modestly-sized p-vibe. It had a remote control so that my wife could occasionally goose me. (she thought the radio controlled model was…. 'tacky') LOL

Long story short: the 'p-vibe' wouldn't stay put. So, sayonara, vibe.

Then, off to the local toy and leather shop to find something that would stay in place and not have sharp edges. The counter person guaranteed that a Helix would stay put. Sold ! My wife gift-wrapped it.

On Valentine's day I opened the package, glanced at the instructions, noted where the p-tab went, and ceased reading. Slathered the Helix with K-Y jelly and we started using it during sex. For almost three months the Helix was a passive toy, riding along during intercourse, mb, or couples sex play. Great tool with a good 'P2D' ratio.

I had no clue. Wouldn't have been able to spell, "MMO."

In late April, I was clearing out my night stand and came across the Helix package. This time I read all the instructions. Then I visited this website. Holy s***, it was like getting to the bottom of the Cheerios box and finding a lifetime family pass to Disneyland !

Ordered a small jug of ID Glide and, an SGX in case of an issue with my bph. Then I covertly soloed Session #1, while my wife went shopping. Session #2 was the deciding event. I would continue the journey and come out of the closet. The tough job was to identify meaningful roles for my wife that would bond the journey into our marriage. She would 'own' my torso and any other, non-crotch erogenous spots that she could find or develop.

Oh yeah, I'm competitive, achievement oriented, 6'0", 180lb, straight, and "old as dirt."

Session #5 is now behind me, I've tasted the female approach to orgasm. I crave the journey. Crave my first MMO. And, aim for that eventual Super-O. Being neither young or tender, I figure my 'rewiring' won't be a speedy process. I may become the poster guy for all grinders. I figure I'll fall into a lot of 'potholes' along this path — sometimes I'll ask for help to get out, other times I'll have to be told that I'm in a pothole and be administered a KITA. But, the 'P2D' ratio of the Helix seems good enough to keep me moving along.

I listen carefully to <helixbill> and <Love_is>. I understand their language (guys, please keep up the informative posts !)

I have a long-term interest in plotting biorhythm against my session performance. (Yeah I know, that's screwball.)

Welcome to my blog. Some abbreviations that I use:

P2D = "pleasure-to-discomfort ratio"
BCL = "Base Contraction Level"
"Mapping" = Using a Berman Foreplay Map from Oprah's 'Best Life Series'
KITA = Theoretical term from Strategic Management, 'kick-in-the-ass'


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  1. Hey newbie2009, good to have you here. You'll get there when you get there. After quite awhile of grinding away the day came when it was my turn and over the edge I went. There's no turning back. The road has become familiar as it will with you. Welcome……enjoy the ride! LL

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