Three sessions so far!

yesterday I had my third session. after two sessions I was able to have another one. the problem was that I was interrupted around 4 times!! and that screw things up a bit..

so far what I've experienced is this:

1st session: after a couple of minutes I started feeling like something was in the tip of my penis…like when you are going to cum but nothing came out, and I had this sensation everytime I thrusted my hips forwards (I was on my belly) I was doing hip movements like when you are fucking someone it didnt feel like woow but it felt good, I was almost beggin for something to come out and feel even better but nothing did. some pre cum started to come out .the sensation on the tip of my penis was something I had never experienced before and I hadn't even touched it once. I ended up a bit sore…the problem was lubrication.

2ndo session: My aneros got in with no problems it didn't hurt at all. I relaxed using the breathing exercises, and they help a lot, my ass got used to the aneros better than the last time , this time I could produce the anal contractions very easily….but it didn't feel much so I did what lynn2694 (thank you) suggested..I stopped doing the contractions and relaxed…afetr a little while I started with the feeling on the tip of my penis like the last time, but in this ocassion more pre-cum (the transparent fluid dunno what is called) came out it started to feel good, not an orgasm but it feels good when that comes out…anyway it started comming out even more and I started breathing more rapidly,, and I was thinking "something's comming" and more sensations in my penis…more pre-cum.. the sensation feels good and I wanted more to come out, finally I started feeling how everytime something was comming out of my penis, I sort of "let it go" it's hard to explain,, it felt like when you have a wet dream …like pressure and suddenly you cum…but this was like 5 or 6 times! and then when it started to feel even better…I peed …a little of urine and pre-cum came out together and the next time…I peed!!!! I was like wtf!!!! and after that I felt like ahh I wanna come, and wanked with the aneros inside

in third session…I didn't have many of those sensations on the tip of my penis.however, a coupleof minutes after I had just fully inserted the aneros..(I was on my back, legs opened) both of my legs started shaking and I didn't cause that, it was involuntarily, does that mean anything? this shaking only lasted around 10-15 secs..hmf!I was not disturbed once I had the aneros inside. but I think that all the previous disturbances really messe things up….and I found it hard to get horny :s and I peed again….when I started feeling the sensation on the tip of my penis..and started pre-cumming a bit …I sort of try to "push out" some more precum ended up peeing @[email protected]

let's see what happens next time:D

comments and suggestions are very welcomed! 😀

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  1. Humm…sounds like your on the right track. Maybe try peeing before using Aneros. The key words you used were, "stopped doing the contractions and relaxed" It has taken me some time to figure out the relaxation thing. I find the more relaxed I am the more intense it becomes. Sometimes its like you are just observing the whole intense experience.

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