Second Session

First thank you all for the feedback and encouragement you have given me.I feel that I am a member of a very special group.

Now on to the second session, I could not wait so early this morning I had my second session with the MGX and it was unbelievably prleasurable. As with the first session very easy insertion; 15 min of relaxation and then gentle contractions while stimulating my nipples. Arousal came very quickly and I started feeling many pleasurable sensations. I had more quaking than in the first session. I worked up to a dry organism that was extremely intense. The post organismic contractions were the strongest I ever had and went on a long time.

I believe I am getting closer to the super O in that I am now get the beginnings of an erection during the session.

The greatest thing is that I am still aroused. I went to the health club this morning and felt good feelings the whole time. But what comes next was pure pleasure. Relaxing in the hot tub, I sarted having involuntary contractions and throwing P-waves. Such pleasure! By the time I got to the shower the contractions had intensified. I had to hold to the shower bar as the P waves went through my body. I got a spontaneous erection.
WOW! I am still feeling light contractions.

So I am in the same situation as yesterday. I will have sex with my wife, but I want so bad to get back to my Aneros. Such pleasure!