First Time-Next Time

My MGX arrived last night and I got up in the middle of the night to try it out and the experience was unbelievable. First I had no trouble with insertion. After a 10 minute relaxtion period I started with slow contraction. My body immediately responded. I had very pleaurable feelings coming from my prostate. I had several episode of uncontrollable twitching of my limbs and my crotch. I had leakage, but I don' think I had a dry organism, but I came close. The best part I was aroused all day. I had these good feelings all day. I am came home from work and had sex with my wife. I can't wait to have a session again.

Do you think it is ok I have another session again early Saturday morning 24 hours the first with sex inbetween?


  1. — You have the right idea. Grow headhorns, have a couple of Aneros sessions 'absorb the good feelings' then enjoy sex with your wife. Then regrow the headhorns, etc. etc. Find your own cycle. Prevent fights between Dame Aneros and your wife. ASAP, integrate the Aneros into your foreplay routine and start comparing notes on how her g-spot orgasms compare with your p-spot orgasms. Remember it probably took her three or four years to perfect her orgasms. It's OK for you to take a couple of years to perfect yours.
    — How often? As much as you want/crave.
    — Going into any Aneros session with a horny prostate makes for a better session. Absorbing and savoring the afterglow before ejaculating is where you want to be.

  2. Well Welcome sloan12!

    A great start indeed! As you said: "The best part I was aroused all day. I has these good feelings all day." That and the "…very pleasurable feelings coming from my prostate." all indicate that you are a natural who is ready for this rewiring. Newbie2009 has given good advice here. I would only differ in suggesting that you may get further faster by having a day off aneros between sessions, at least say half the time, to allow your body/mind to develop the skills with the energies itself. Chairgasms and cargasms await and much more. You'll find further good advice in the Polls, the Wiki and Forum. The sessions with your wife have truly astounding potential. 😉

  3. Definitely go for it. Over time your body will learn when it's time. I have been using these wonderful devices going on 3 years and I haven't broken anything yet!

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