fourth session

yesterday I had my fourth session…and again no peace to concentrate properly. this time I locked up myself in the bathroom and had no disturbances, however I discovered that a small bathroom is not a very comfortable place to try the aneros..but sitting in the toilet makes it easier to get inside you 😛 jojojojo

anyway I managed to produce again some precum…but sometimes precum and piss came out simultaneously…that sucks a lot and was very disspointing 🙁

I still haven't found the right position or found my "sweet spot" :S that sucks too

and I still have problems getting horny without touching me….

I need an advice from the expert users: first you relax and insert the aneros, then relax again to let your butt get used to it….then what???

I manage to get to that part of relaxing and being comfortable with the aneros inside me but afetr that I'm kinda lost :S what's next? contractions?
how many of them? how frequent should they be? and what next?

I still haven't felt any p-wave or anything like that..

I finish my sessions wanking and my orgasms seem to be stronger than normal wanking 😀

I think what I need is more concentration, which is awfuly hard when you are never alone for at least an hour 🙁

please I need your advice! thanks

See you 🙂

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  1. Here you are!

    Have you read the B's Keys to the Backdoor Sticky thread at the top of the Forum? This is Brian Mayfield's guide for beginners and you can find very helpful advice there too. Are you doing a voluntary contraction and holding for a minute or two and then releasing? The key is to not be "looking" and having expectations and then frustrations. You may find tiny little sensations and wonder… Don't dismiss them and don't grab for them. Try to observe from the distance of your quiet executive function self. No ego or pressure. If these sensations grow and or move. Be open to them. Relax and allow without reaching. All kinds of things may happen and it may take quite a few sessions for this process to awaken and get going…

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