So I went out and purchased some speciality underwear that I could feel sexy in. I think it was a great way to feel good about yourself know you got some awesome underwear on.

They felt so great to wear that I was getting pretty horny just from wearing them. And if I pulled them up tight against my butt my butt started to ache for a session. I loved it.

So I proceeded to go home and have an awesome session with my Progasm.

I was getting great feelings right from the get go and was able to have a silent (no vocal sound) Super-O.

I was lying down on my stomach and I started to feel as though I was going into a different/lower state of consciousness. Every other thought, concern and feeling faded away and there was just this point in my minds eye to concentrate on. It was just the prostate and it being rubbed. I just silently concentrated on the feeling and let it continue. I was just content to have this feeling and let it continue, I couldn't even think of doing anything different.

Eventually I faded back to reality and breathed a sigh of relief for such a wonderful experience.

I also proceeded to jack-off normally and ended up with a very powerful penile orgasm. I actually shot up past my head onto the pillow which doesn't happen often. Very satisfying.

So whats the moral of this story? Go out and get yourself a pair of sexy underwear! 😛