Morning Super-O

Howdy. Been away from here for a while. I noticed the last time I wrote here was last May. In the months since then, I've had a few good sessions, and a long dry spell in which I was ill and had absolutely no libidinal desires whatsoever. That has changed in the last few weeks, culminating in a session this week that was bar none the hottest one yet.

This was a morning session, and the first time I've ever had a super-o in the daytime. My prostate had been going crazy in the days leading up to it. It was in the kind of heightened state where you could summon up wild p-waves at will. Really bizarre, and exciting. Still, I wasn't expecting a lot when I decided to sit down with the MGX inserted that morning. Within minutes, I was getting p-waves. It surprised me, getting such strong feelings so soon. A few minutes later, the sensations escalated into mini-os. I was alternating between rubbing the "sweet spot" near the base of my penis and the penis itself, coaxing out stronger and stronger feelings. As the mini-os escalated into a more consistent dry-o sensation, I vaguely thought "hmm, interesting" as I let myself go and surrendered to the feelings, wherever they led. Pretty soon I was moaning and squirming around. And then the super-o came. Wow. Best one ever. I was able to ride it along for who knows how long. The sensations were so incredible that, when it came to finishing off with a traditional orgasm, it literally was an anticlimax.

And this session lasted only about an hour. Fantastic! This MGX was the best purchase I ever made.

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  1. Mornings are the best. It's quiet and relaxed. Bar non I have had my best experiences in the morning.

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