Lube change!

So I was running low on my standby lube KY Jelly, so I dropped into my local sex shop and was looking for a new tube. But I couldn't find KY and not wanting to leave empty handed, I bought version of Astroglide.

I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find the KY but I am now a convert. While the KY was thick and stayed in place, its got nothing on the slipperiness of the Astroglide I bought. Its really thin but man it makes everything slippery.

It also lead to an excellent session. It was like night and day compared to the KY. I was getting great feeling right off the bat with new lube and things just seemed to happen effortlessly. With the KY I would have to concentrate more to get the same experience.

I wasn't really trying it was just happening the progasm was rubbing all over the place and I was just trying to take it all in rather than concentrating to find the feelings like before.

Soooo, now I guess I realize everyone's concern on the forum on finding the optimal lube. This made a huge difference for me. Now I'm gonna have to look for something that's just as slippery (or more ;)) and a little bit thinker. Research time!

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  1. So you use the Prggasm? Im not sure about all the different models, I think I have the Helix??. Lubing is a big problems for me. KY gets all over everythng and cant seem to get enough of he astroglide on. Let me know what your research brings up. Im new – not getting where I would like yet.

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