Ah, that was good, time for a little re … oooo… maybe not

Man, I've had this happen before but it still is astonishing and I really felt like writing about it.

I was getting really horny looking at porn and decided to do a session. Lubed up and got going. I had about 4 or 5 mini-O's in this 20 min time span and they kept creeping up on me.

I would finish a mini-O and think that I could you know rest/enjoy a small afterglow. But it seemed the act of relaxing that much just switched something on and started the march to another one.

Its great to have a toy that gives you sexual release multiple times in a short time and I didn't even need to masturbate. Mind you, sexual release with the aneros is different than a regular jo session.

This toy keeps proving itself to me that it is worth every damn penny.

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