Less is More

Session 2 – Thurs 29 Oct

Began with the primary aim of exploring movement of the Helix and Progasm – any other experiences that came bye would be a bonus.

Firstly with Helix and laying on tummy. Trying to push it out and then draw it back in – used a little manual assistance to get the feel of it moving out and, in particular, firstly how far it had moved
and secondly how far it could be pushed out and still be pulled in again (ie where was the point of no return). I found this point when the Helix was rather explosively expelled!!

After this exercise and some practice at moving the device aroud and experiencing a range of prostate stimulation I rested for awhile and started contracting my buttock muscles. This began some involuntary contractions – a new experience and it stopped after a short time, but was enough to wet my appetite to try again a little later. Well WOW, it progressed from involuntary buttock activity to include involuntary thrusting like motions and as the involuntary muscular activity came to a fairly abrupt end there was pulsing of the perineum region like that of an ejaculation, but I did NOT ejaculate. I guess this was my first dry-O – a very pleasant and unexpected at this eary stage of using the aneros. New experience 1 for the session!!

I then moved to lying on my side and explored various contracting methods as well as concentrating on moving the Helix in and out, in particular holding a moderate tension until there was muscle spasm and was able to have a couple of involuntary muscle shaking episodes lasting up to about 20 seconds.

Then changed to Progasm and found, to my surprise, that it was much easier to control the out movement than with the Helix. Played with long strokes and shorter strokes (out and in movements of the device) and how they felt on the prostate and surrounds. Then made the second important discovery for the evening – quite small movements of the Progasm against the prostate where very stimulating – up until now had been using, by comparison, quite agressive movements. I was able to get an intense stimulation over a small area of the prostate and while the particular spot did not lead to any serious episode I am aware that should Ifind such a spot I could ramp up the stimulation.

As with the Helix I tried stimulating involuntary muscle activity by maintaining a moderate tension on the anal (and PC?) muscle. There were 4 episodes, 2 on my side and 2 on my back. Finally I tried even smaller contractions (just feel it) starting from a relaxed state – there were hints of some waves moving through my body. Have I discovered another level of stimulation/response? Time will tell.

The overall take home message for the evening is clearly “Less intense contraction can give more outcome”.

Post script. When I awoke in the morning I tried the “moderate tension/involuntary muscle shaking” procedure. To my pleasant surprise I found I could get the involuntary response as easily without using an aneros as I had the previous evening with either the Helix or Progasm in place.