On Your Marks …

Session 1 – pm Wed 28 Oct and am 29 Oct

Progasm and Helix arrived today. Session began with wife in attendance. Used Helix, 1cc KY liquid inserted rectum and liberal coating of KY jelly on Helix. Easy entry and little uncomfortable feeling. Breathing for about 10min then introduced contraction with each (most) breaths. On back and then RHS. Pleasant feelings prostate and perineum area.

After 1 hr 10min changed to Progasm with the aim of finding out how it would fit and would it be uncomfortable (not experienced anal user). It was obviously tighter but entry was not difficult and after 10 minutes or so began mild anal contractions similar to sequence above. Much stronger stimulation, especially of prostate. Dropped to sleep, probably 20min to half an hour, awoke to VERY pleasant feelings – prostate area like a small centre of warmth. Tried several positions and then on back with knees up put the B brothers and William between legs and then closed legs and put down flat so flaccid penis and scrotum tensioned. With some movement of hips and contracting anal and PC muscles became very aroused – only 30seconds or so.

Wife arrived in bed, cuddled her with Progasm still in place. Progasm effects very much happening in background to normal feelings.

Continued in isolation – tried various positions and speeds of contraction. Finally tried tensioned penis position (as above) but this time continued too long and fell over the cliff with a very pleasant hands-free ejaculation. Removed Progasm, end 3hr session

Awoke early (5.00am) to a still smoldering prostate warmth which was fanned a little by mild contractions of anus. After talking with wife for some minutes decided to have another session. Similar sequence to above using first Helix and then Progasm but whole session only 80-90 minutes. With Progasm spent a fair amount of time on tummy – not much happened until made some tight contractions and began to clench buttock together – started some involuntary shaking of buttocks – lasted only 20 seconds maybe and then quite quickly subsided, experienced a further 2 episodes over the next 15 minutes or so (one rather weaker than others).