The Driving Force

Last night I had an experience, which was new, although I’m sure I have been close to this on a few occasions before.

For most of the past month I have been experimenting with the use of the Eupho and the Maximus, so last night’s session was the first with the Helix since the end of last month. By way of preparation, I inserted a small plug of unrefined Shea Butter into my anus and followed that with an eye-dropper filled with ‘Wet Stuff’. I also covered the Helix with a thin coating of Shea butter.

Soon after beginning my session, and having rested for about a quarter of an hour after insertion, I became aware that the Helix was driving muscles deep inside my rectum, that were pulling quite forcibly on the device and literally pushing it into my prostate. There was almost no effort on my part, but within seconds, I could feel what I am now sure was a prostate orgasm that continued without variation for about two minutes. A conscious effort was required to come down from that state, but as soon as I relaxed, the process began again. This happened repeatedly over the next half hour.

I had been lying on my right side, so decided to take a break by rolling over onto my left side. Within about three or four minutes, the whole process began again. If anything, the orgasms seemed even stronger than before. Following about half an hour on my left side, I moved again, this time onto my back. Lo and behold, within a few minutes, it started up again, although this time the orgasms didn’t feel quite as strong.

Finally, I rolled back onto my right side, and off we went again! This time, I was quite deliberately trying NOT to apply any voluntary contractions of any sort. Almost against my will, I could feel the Helix doing its thing and applying a relentless pressure through my rectal muscles directly onto the prostate. The sensation was absolutely out of this world, but I doubt it could be yet classed as a super-O since there was only mild involuntary movement of limbs. At times, I was conscious of some mild involuntary movement in both arms and legs, but that didn’t form an important part of the feeling I was experiencing. The feeling itself is actually quite difficult to describe – something like a strong, but extremely pleasant electric charge passing all through my body. By concentrating on dispersing the force, it was possible to feel it simultaneously in both arms and legs as well as all through my torso. Absolutely unreal!!

After a total of about 2 hours, I was beginning to feel almost exhausted, so voted to terminate the session by getting up and physically removing the device. Had I not done so, I’m not sure how I would have survived the night. I am beginning to feel that there is a Super-O lurking in the wings!

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  1. Pommie, it is so wonderful to hear of you advancing so well and energetically! 🙂

    Super-Os come in a wide variety of phenomena. Some, like the "Calm Seas" are full body, still body (no limbs shaking or even twitching) bliss-filled orgasms of energies, rated by many of us (beginning with Old Wolf) as "above and beyond" the shaking Super-O. Check out the Glossary in the Wiki. Sounds like you had a good full body, energetic Super-O, whether you had the great bliss this time or not.

    Who knows what variations will visit you next!?!

    all the best full variations of prostate centred multiple dry orgasmic ecstasies all


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