Finally – my first session

So, here I was, my body had something boiling, buzzing, pounding, swelling, arousing trapped on the inside. Relaxing helped a little but it still was intense and returned by itself. I even got myself an awake hands-free ejaculation for the first time in my life. This happened as I laid on my back and was using only my breathing. It felt good of course, being a new experience, like having a sex dream while still being awake.

My Aneros Helix arrived quickly on the Wednesday after my order was placed, but I didn't rush to pick it up. By this time I hadn't slept more than one nights worth for five days, so I asked a doctor about it. Luckily he was discreet on the topic and advised me to use my old insomnia medicine which I hadn't needed for many years. So I did, and after two nights with these pills, I fell asleep without it on the third night. I also picked up the Helix package the same Friday, and it had been delivered in good order.

I used the weekend and some more days this week to regain some lost sleep and avoided further anal or prostate stimulation. Today was Friday again, and I had the entire afternoon free, so I decided to finally try my Helix package. I took a twilight walk, prepared my bed with towels and stuff according to the wiki, and turned on a couple old porno movies in the background. I use these mainly for the nice moaning sounds, to get in a good mood. Already five PM, it was time for personal preparations.

Starting with a bowel movement, I decided not to clean with an enema this time, but rather leave that experience for the next session, since I haven't done it in years. I followed up with shaving the genital-anal area, as usual from front to back except a curtain on top. Then I showered and the clock was almost six, so at least I wasn't rushing. Having drunk a glass of water, I added some anal lube to my anus with my finger, went to bed, lubed up the Helix and slowly pushed it in. It seemed to fit comfortably and did not feel pushy, so I wiped the lube from my hands and laid back to see if my body felt different.

My session stared with a relaxation of most bodyparts, which I figured worked fairly well, although I was probably mentally curious so nothing special happened. I went on by trying different ways to contract, not being sure which muscles do what. There was an overall feeling of naughtyness and a bit of an arousal but nothing out of the ordinary. This time it seems my mind was keeping control of my body, so I tried out some different positions without being too serious about it. After a couple of hours I felt I had to go pee, and slowly moved to the bathroom, sat down (backwards) and released probably one glass of water, still with the Helix inside me.

The feeling as I returned was still relaxed, but in a different way, meaning less aroused and more relieved. This puzzled me a bit, and actually releasing my water felt better than it usually does, so maybe some tension was released with it as well. I do like to have a camera nearby wherever I go, so I took some pictures of how the toy looked while inside me, and half-way pushed out. Finally after three hours since session start, I tried a standing or squating position with a mirror on the floor between my feet. It was fun to watch how far I could push the Helix out of me, so eventually it popped out, and some feces with it. Time to call it a day and clean up, I guess.