My current 'Journey' session

rook: 6 ft. / 180lb / 45gm prostate / MBTI=ESTJ / 7 mo. into journey

First off guys and gals — there's no Super-O at the end of this tunnel but some pretty intense scenes along the path. I've attempted eight of these sessions during the last two months Five have yielded multiple waves and those have ended in one or two mini-Os. So, I'd call it repeatable for me.

This session avoids direct voluntary anal contractions. I build arousal with my hands and trigger from my foot. I've borrowed from popo's foot stim technique: – –

It took five months for the experts J4, artform, Arctic Wolves, Love-is, rummel, and others to get the idea across that 'trying' isn't the way to get there.

Coaching new Super-O candidates must be like shepherding a bunch of neophyte flight students — when the instructors get together they drink and ponder why all newbies make and then repeat the same mistakes. Upfront, coaches and instructors can tell a newbie that they must avoid 'forcing it.' The newbie then says, "I understand" then marches off smartly and 'forces it.'

The Forum recently addressed the idea that there were other trigger points on our bodies that may be 'cultivated' to improve our sensual experience.

The same week the Forum was considering alternate stim locations I attended a business client's seasonal marketing kick-off. The motivational speaker opened her pitch with some 'touch point' examples — specifically the sensuality of fingertips. We were told to 'touch' our inner self via our fingertips. — got me thinking.

My session problem had been, that without frequent anal action, I'd loose focus and 'brainnoise' would take over. Then I'd drift. Alana and Kelly Howell were certainly a help and could usually keep me on track to the 'mini-O coral.' However, those visits were one-shot affairs and rarely could I get something going during track two. Once in the 'coral,' I had nowhere to go and would just 'nibble grass' until I decided it was time to leave. Or, I'd plunge headlong into heavy anal voluntaries and exhaust any sensual energy left in my body. (aka 'dud' session)

With five months of aggressive aneros maneuvering and ano-rectal muscle building I figured I might be a candidate for a Eupho to go along with my new, quieter approach to sensual arousal.

Here's my current session — no Super-O yet but this does get me into the business of multiples. Not mind-blowing multiples but a couple of mini-Os before the energy subsides or Dame Migraine takes over my brain and body. (I've had visual Migraines–no pain for years but a heavy orgasm will now act as a Migraine trigger).

I use only the Eupho but keep another tool handy if I 'go dud.' Then I convert to a non-journey session with a Helix, MGX or Progasm. (It's a shame to waste Journey prep and lube.) I'm dedicated to using the Eupho only for 'journey' sessions. I also subscribe to conserving semen for these sessions and shun masturbating at the end of a journey session. Ejaculation is mostly for my spouse or, when deprived, to finish off a non-journey exercise session.

Prep I usually start hydrating well before a session so that I've pee'd out the surplus but am not thirsty. On some 'journey' sessions I take 1/3 – 1/2 tab of Viagra four hours before my prep, (it seems to improve engorgement and warmth in my pelvic floor–as a note, the fifth and sixth hours of Viagra are fairly gentle). Otherwise I stick with the standard Wiki shower, rectal douche, pre-lube followed by some stretching exercise for hamstrings, quads, abs and delts, I use a dental mouthpiece (acquired after breaking a crown and bridge during an orgasm in late September — told the dentist I'd had a nightmare). I lube my nips with a light coating of Shea Butter and isolate them from my tee shirt with a pair of plastic wrap 'pasties.' No socks — so as to expose my right large toenail and the arch of my left foot.

Paraphernalia (beyond that mentioned in the Wiki): Glass of water, extra lube, damp washcloth, hand towel, plastic trash bag for 'dirty' items. A bolster pillow 25-30" long x 12-16" in diameter.

Semi-fetal position: On right side, thighs about 135 deg to trunk, feet so that right toenail can stim the arch of my left foot. Loosely hugging the bolster pillow (right arm under pillow, left arm above.)

Insertion: I attempt to increase emotion during this move. (Hmmm, latent Bi?) I lay the Eupho to rest on a my right glut and make a small ritual about insertion. I try to maintain a 'reverence' toward the Aneros and ask Eupho to bring me something nice. I tailor this around the American Indian practice of worship before a hunt. Alternatively, I sometimes 'tease' my anus with the tip of the Eupho and play a brief game of denial. Insertion is slow and I savor each of Eupho's gentle curves, tugging it outward as my bod tries to suck it inward. Then check sweet-spot positioning.

I distribute lube with several contractions then check lube by relaxing while breathing deeply. I'm satisfed with the lube when the Eupho slides easily as I breath. If the slide isn't symmetrical, I'll do some contractions on my back, left side and belly then return to my right side for a recheck. I intend these as my last voluntary contactions!

I rest until breathing is easy and, with my heartbeat, is the only energy-consuming action in my body. A focus on each toe and joint makes sure each is relaxed. (start at the toes and move to the ears.) Eupho should continue to slide with each life-sustaining breath. No anal contraction!

(1) Finger-stim Arousal: Fingers of one hand touching and gently scratching/rubbing fingers, palm and wrist of opposite hand. Exploration of hand and finger surfaces to maximize energy transfer and sensation. Find the most energized spot and cherish it for a couple of seconds, then move on. Remember breathing to maintain relaxation and invigorate the bod with oxygen! Then, another finger or wrist point. At least five minutes of this diverts attention from Aneros, anus and prostate. This is only about my hands and what they offer in sensuality. I occasionally caress the pelvic acupressure point on a wrist. (google for a map of acupressure points on the human hand.)

(2) Visualization: As I caress my wrist, I picture a view of the interior of my abdomen and pelvic floor as seen from my naval chakra. I note the crus of my penis and it's strong attachment to the bone and sinew of my pelvic floor. The view is a dark/dull blue. To the right of my crus stands my prostate. I visualize the icon of my prostate in the shape of a deck of cards with a small spherical knob on top. (I have no clue how I built this view.) I see it as being 10-15 yards away. The interior of my abdomen is like a large vacant dance floor. Once I build this visualization I strike my right toenail against the arch of my left foot. The sensation is an electric shock in my left foot and leg, traveling up into my rectum. That shock triggers an anal contraction. (I've never figured out whether this remotely-triggered contraction is "voluntary" or "involuntary" — any ideas?) That's followed by three or four small involuntary anal contractions and a small involuntary rectal contraction. (not a 'push out' rather, a 'hug')

Repeat the above sequence (steps 1 and 2) — much the same result.

Changes on the fourth or fifth repetition — My visualization of the prostate and pelvic floor is more distinct and the prostate now stands out. The prostate has lighter color accents and the 'knob' a glint of light. (Once I visualize this, I know I'll get a wave on the next arousal sequence.) If this doesn't happen by the sixth arousal attempt, I figure it's time to switch from the Eupho to the Helix or MGX and just have fun with some heavy ano-rectal exercise or Aneros aerobics.

Somewhere, on the fourth, fifth or sixth arousal run with just finger stim, I'll usually sense the signal for a p-wave by the classic "gotta pee" sensation along the ventral surface of my penis — a mild 'sting' that endures for about 10 seconds. Then it's off-with-the-pasties and a few nipple flicks. I'm able to reach nips on my side and, erect, those quickly build prostate energy within a few seconds. When my timing is good I'm able to prolong the 'gotta pee' sensation with a two or three small PC contractions.

As I feel the energy grow along my pelvic floor I 'force' one more electric shock from my left foot to my pelvis. The rectal contaction is more intense and it fully engulfs the Eupho. I 'go chubby' or, if I've taken Viagra, rock-hard. My gluts twitch and there's a move to arch into a thrust. My balls experience brief pain and I get muscle twitches in legs, forehead, and eyelids (this is a twitch sequence that started months ago during one of my first Aneros sessions.)

What I call a p-wave starts as a 'stormy' feeling in my naval chakra/DanTien, swells in my abdomen then fills my upper body and spreads as pleasant skin tingling along my ribs, the outer sides of my legs, shoulders and arms, sometimes reaching the tips of my ears. I feel my sweat glands open. This part of the p-wave lasts less than 5 seconds but feels like slow motion.

The next phase of the wave is a serious contraction of my abs (overpowering the arched 'thrust posture'). I contract into fetal position with my arms crossed. I sense a zero-g/falling sensation. My reaction is to grasp my pecs with both hands as I further contract into a sweaty ball of flexed muscle. (Short fingernails now prevent scratching the inside of my armpits but I've suffered some bruised skin along the outer reaches of my pecs.) The rectal contaction is intense. The Eupho does its 'worm squirm.' My jaw muscles contract, biting into the mouthpiece. My heart rate is well over 100. This part of the wave seems shorter than the first part but is in fast forward.

I then release/fall into what I think is a Mini-O. Both ears sense a pressure wave (about like going down in the Express elevator of the Empire State building). That lasts a couple of seconds followed by a faint tone lasting ~5 seconds. My jaw relaxes. My rectum throbs slowly as it relaxes its hold on the Eupho. I feel uretheral pulsing synched to the rectal contractions but it's not as large or slow as ejaculatory pulsing. If I erected there's lots of precum but no ejaculate. Less precum and little throbbing if I only went 'chubby.' I feel warm all over. Centered in about 1/3 of my (real, not virtual) visual field I see a tight group of perhaps 20-30 small circles of intense, saturated colors each surrounded by brass or gold colored rims. This display is stationary and arranged like it was the backdrop of a church alter or a middle-eastern room divider. It lasts no more than 5 seconds.

(Note of interest: This is the same color display I saw, 50 years ago when being tested for latent epilepsy and flicker vertigo.)

The Mini-O fades out and is replaced by 20 minutes of Opthalmic Migraine along with a sort of gray funk. It's a major depressant and kills arousal.

I think my next step is to avoid triggering the mini-O or finding a way to block the Migraine.

Workin' on it ! Suggestions always welcomed.