Hi, I'm rook (unpromoted shogi-hisha).
Height: 6 ft.
Weight 180lb
Prostate: 45gm
Current Wiring: Monogamous-reproductive
Age: 70s
MBTI: ESTJ (goes with the name)
First insertion: Feb 2009 (for foreplay)
Started Journey: May 2009
Prior Anal Play: nil (now making up for lost time)
Toybox: Helix, MGX, Eupho, SGX, modified Progasm, tailless SGX
Favorite Lube: Pastuerized 70/30 mix of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil (tks alv).
Other Interests: Aviation, Restraints

I use Aneros tools three ways:
— Journey (orgasmic) sessions. Strictly with the Eupho. I employ meditation or physical relaxation techniques or audio.
— 'Ano-rectal' (fun and fitness) sessions: These, using Helix or MGX sometimes finish with an SGX or Progasm. My intent is to build and maintain perineum, prostate and the anal muscle and tissue, Also great to explore new moves, sensations and better arousal techniques. These make up for my having missed 65 years of anal play. Think of these as practice in the "Three R's" (raunchy, raucous and reprehensible). 🙂
— I pack an SGX during foreplay (cool tool to maintain arousal.) Also use one to maintain an good sense of DanTien during TaiChi. Recently I tried some easy trampoline with the SGX — no conclusions.

I also do Aneros-less sessions.

J4, Love-is, helixbill, Arctic Wolves, artform and darwin all contributed valuable info, tips, suggestions and an occasional kick in the posterior to move me to where I am. Thanks guys. And a special thanks to Zaneblue for her diet and supplement suggestions. …rook


  1. Excellent rook!!

    Great to have you start blogging! Looking forward to your detailed investigations, measurements and thoughtful experiments.

    all the very best to/for you both as always


  2. Hey Rook, I thought I’d drop by and “sign your yearbook”. If your journey through this space is as long as mine then someday you’ll look this entry back up and have a good chuckle.

    Where did you start? Where are you right now? Where will you go?

    So take a deep breath, plug in and unwrap the universe.

    Have fun,


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