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Been awhile since I have been on.I have had no trouble with pleasure given by the MGX aneros.I think ,the Super O is misunderstood from my sessions. I do experience precum release from the prostrate and plenty of pleasurable feelings.At the 25 minute point I ejaculate however.This is hands free of course.Once when the sexual energy was high I came twice.It was an amazing night but has only happened once.Lord I just should have kept going but wow!From my readings the Super O is a dry muscle convulsing experience.I am into meditation and am intrigued with the sense of arousal both physically and spiritually I have received from this product.

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  1. I just had my first hands free ejaculation about 2 weeks ago. It was very pleasurable. I went through several major super o's and then bam!! It was a first but it has happened again about 5 days later. Interesting.

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