Aneros SGX (Opinions)?

I just bought the Aneros SGX and I was wondering if anybody had any testimonials for this product or thoughts they would like to share about the SGX model?


  1. The SGX is a great starter model, and has unique lasting applications! It is a great choice if you have not had previous anal play experiences and/or if you are shorter than 5'-6". If you are taller, you may find you need the longer MGX to get fully onto your prostate.

    Read the WIKI, and the Stickies at the top of the Forum for a lot of good pointers. Rook, who has just started his blog here too, is has a lot of positive experiences with the SGX.

    Deeply relax, have no expectations, listen, relax and allow the little whispers to grow, enjoy each step along this marvellous journey, however long it may take.

    all the best aneros adventuring


  2. Versatile tool!

    Short enough for me (6ft tall) to pack it during sexual foreplay and moderate athletics without any discomfort.

    Just long enough to provide a nice prostate tickle with a large contraction.

    Very early on, I managed a high intensity O with the SGX using the 'condom lube' technique.

  3. I haven't used the SGX. My favorite is the Eupho but different models hit me differently at different times.

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