My First Try

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Hello to everybody.
After a long time, reading, seeing and thinking about having an Aneros device, last week I decided to order one.

After talking with a friend of mine that owns an MGX and the Hypnaerosession CD, I decide for the SGX, because I'm novice with anal play and so this will be the first time I will insert something in my anus.

So yesterday evening, after my friend gave to me the CD, I decide to test it for the first time.

I decide to follow all the instruction / advises that Aneros Learing Center can give to me.
I cleaned my rectum with a rectal syringe and did a relaxing shower, focusing on my cock, perineum and anus. Just for getting a little bit horny.

Then I went on my bed and applyed lubricant to the anus and on the Aneros Massager and the lied on the right side and pressed play to my audio player.

The first thing I feel was the presence of the device in my anus, probably because I never put something in it before yesterday evening.

I start to relax following Alana voice. And something happend, I don't know what it was but i feel my heartbeat very clear and going on with the session I feel it in my belly and anus. Sometimes seems that the SGX start to moving at the heart beating without contracting volountary the pc/anus muscles. This thing happend during all the first part of the session.

During the first 30 minutes i feel the need to contract my muscles: sometimes I controled this, other not and when I squeese for just a little bit I feel something strange moving on my whole body, a sort of Shiver. And to changing my body position from my right side to the left.

The sensation of having a foreign object in my anus never passed and probably I did something wrong because It was completely inside me and the P-Tab press always on my skin very hard.

I decide to go on and to follow Alana voice till the end of the first CD.

When the contraction part of the CD arrived I was really relaxed and aroused in a strange way. Now i decide to move my body to lying on my back. I put a small pillow to raise my ass and let the aneros free to move.

During this phase I seek something new to me. When I squeeze my muscle i feel uncontrollable vibrations in the legs that never stops after squeezing, but continues for just few seconds. I feel my cock strange during this time. It wasn't hard but seems to pulsating from inside my belly. It was strange but pleasurable.

I finished this my very first session without a hands free orgasm but with a lot of new kind of sensations never felt before.

At the and I was touching myself on my hips, nipples, belly, groin, ball and at the end on my cock. I gently passed my hand on my gland and I start to come, a lot. And this is another new sensation for me.

So, what do you think? Should I have to do something different during my next session?

To all of you, thanks and Happy "O"

PS. Sorry for my english. I hope you will understand all the things I write and apologies for silly phrases If I eventually written.